Wednesday, September 6, 2017

China Rethinks Feminism

Feminists predictably upset:

Recently, state media and some local governments have publicly campaigned about the virtue of “women returning home.” Quoting expert opinions, a February 2016 article by the state news agency Xinhua said women being at home was, “not only beneficial to the growth of children, the stability of the family,” but also had, “positive effect on the society.” A recent article by the government-controlled China Youth Daily said women were, “more suitable to stay at home and look after children.” In 2015, the Beijing government hung a poster in the marriage registration office: “Being a good housewife and good mother are women’s biggest achievements.”

Can you imagine the horror?  Read the whole article:
China tells women to go home and live well


  1. Go, China, go!

    They do not want to face the unemployment problems we westerns suffer.

  2. There was labour shortage in Western Europe in the 1960s so all the women were told to go work in the shops etc; well, now shops are closing since people buy online, schools are closing because the fertility is down; they are trying to prop it up by immigration which creates other problems; all the while they predict that in the near future 50% of all jobs will be lost to automatisation. In this situation promoting full female employment makes little sense.