Thursday, September 14, 2017

You Know It's Autumn...

...when you've spent the whole weekend making preserves:

In what my mother called "my Jane Austen dress"

It's getting too cold for it, though...

The bottom-feeder:

We are kindly people, we didn't kill him:)
How are you preparing for autumn?


  1. Lovely skirt, Sanne, and very industrious to make all those preserves. With all the rain we've had in Scotland this summer, I've had to discard almost all our summer flowers.
    To prepare for autumn, I'll be putting up our autumn wreath, and with my wonderful elderly neighbour's permission, gathering apples from her tree to make apple butter and freeze some apple crumbles.
    As September is my birth month, I love this time of year. Time for warming soups and stews, and enjoying the leaves changing colour.


  2. Thank you Christine, it's actually a dress with a high waist:) Congratulations on your birthday! We've had lots of rain this summer, too, looks like since the end of July it's been raining every day (or, at least, nearly every day). Last year around this time it was high summer still...

    Apple butter and apple crumbles sound wonderful! We usually made bramble berry jam but now that we are saddled with more than 5 litre grape jelly I think I'll pass:)

  3. I have made some jam and we have been picking berries and mushrooms. I dry the mushrooms and then add them to all sorts of sauces. Or make mushroom butter. Etc.

  4. I like mushrooms very much but probably wouldn't dare picking them outside for fear I'd get a poisonous one! You must know a lot about them...

  5. Mushrooms can be tricky. Here in Finland we have had cases when chinese immigrants have died after eating poisonous mushrooms: apparently they have only edible mushrooms in China and they didn't know mushrooms can actually kill you.

    Luckily there are several very tasty mushroom varieties that cannot be cofused with poisonous ones.

  6. Oh dear! that's why I find it so scary, you always hear these horror stories...