Saturday, September 16, 2017

Homemaking Is A Healthy Occupation

as opposed to sitting in the office for hours on end:

Sitting on one's butt for a major part of the day may be deadly in the long run — even with a regimen of daily exercise, researchers say.
In an analysis that pooled data from 41 international studies, Toronto researchers found the amount of time a person sits during the day is associated with a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and death, regardless of regular exercise.
"More than one half of an average person's day is spent being sedentary — sitting, watching television or working at a computer," said Dr. David Alter, a senior scientist at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, who helmed the analysis.
"Our study finds that despite the health-enhancing benefits of physical activity, this alone may not be enough to reduce the risk for disease."

Read the whole article over here and don't forget the comments from offended desk job types, they are pure gold:)

Of course, a housewife can be at risk, too, especially if she is older and has no small children to take care of, or if she spends most of her time in her car, driving to various activities. Spending the whole time locked inside with your TV/smartphone or in your car is not healthy! There are lots of things one can do to improve the situation, like walking or bicycling instead of driving, taking a dog to keep you active if the children left home, gardening or having another hobby which will keep you outside at regular intervals, and, of course, don't forget that housework, cooking and baking can also count as a workout since they will keep you on your feet. A housewife is the primary caregiver of the family, often including extended family which means we should take trouble to be in top physical condition! Men, children and pets depend on us:)


  1. This is something heavy on my mind lately. We live in a 576 sq. Ft cabin with 6 people. I am always concerned because I don't have to go far to work!
    Now. We have 7 acres and I really need to wrap my brain around the fact that I need to get OUTSIDE to move more. We have long, cold winters so I think I may just need to toughen up.
    We are cash building a house ourselves. When I say cash, I mean pay to pay. We will not be using credit. We have been in the cabin almost a year and looks like it will take at least one more.
    I have also been looking at needing to lose 20lbs. I cook everything from scratch as we have an anaphylactic allergy in our family. I am also facing the fact that I believe I OVEREAT to maintain this extra weight. I am 5'3", at 145lbs. Not terribly obese,etc. 48 years old. I just know with family health history, it's now or never to get reasonably fit.
    Well, now that I have put my life story in the internet, lol, I will finish reading your links above!
    God bless

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  3. We have three stairs in the house which I hate, but then I'm always trying to comfort myself with the thought that walking up and down the whole day is a good substitute for a workout:)

    As for getting out, is it wrong for me to presume that you homeschool? You could go outside for recess and play games!

  4. So true! If we are doing the work we are called to around the house, it is the best workout we can get! There isn't a better arm exercise than scrubbing the bathtub or cleaning walls!

  5. Yes! We do homeschool! My children would love that. Good reminder!

  6. Jen, or kneading bread,

    Mrs.O, they do it at school so why not at home:)

  7. It is so very easy to sit, sit,sit while the children run around!! I have been trying to leave a bike outside so I can hop on it and pedal around the property. It's the sitting and reading and being online that has flubbed me up the past,say, 5 years. Bad habits!

  8. I was looking for the blog of the woman who left her job and I living within her means. I believe I found it through your blog? She lives in England and offers a yearly walking challenge. Do you recall the blog, by chance?

  9. Mrs.O., I think computer and smartphone have made us all a lot less mobile, especially children. They hardly do anything else nowadays, it's truly sad! Younger generation should be active and alert, not couch potatoes. Luckily, where I live they still play outside.

    As for the blogs, try googling life after money:)


  10. When I was working in an office, I had CONSTANT back and neck pain. Gosh, it was awfull. It seems to me that men tolerate all that sitting much better than women. There do not get tension neck that easy, I have noticed.

    I still really have to limit my screen time or else I get tension neck again. So housewifery has saved me from that misery, too.

    I wonder if I am just very weak-bodied (and -spirited) or do all women suffer when they work outside home but just believe that's how things are? I have noticed working women are very often very angry (I was, too) and I wonder if they, too, are tired and in pain all the time?

    Interestingly enough, working men are not usually angry all the time.

  11. Mrs.O, you are welcome!

    Housewife, working outside home is incredibly stressful, especially if you bear any sort of responsibility and if you are older. There is a reason so many women are on pills or getting burnouts.

    And I don't think you are weak, just honest:)