Monday, June 26, 2017

Weekly Housewife Goes On Vacation!

Not now, but next week, so there will be a break in our programming:) In other news of today, the weather came back to normal, so right now it's sunny and moderately warm. I hope all of you are having a nice day! The summer has officially begun, so I thought it was time to change my dinner table centerpiece, like this:

 It's white on white, but who cares! There can't be too much white in summer:)

The book of the week is The case is closed, a Miss Silver mystery by Patricia Wentworth:

Now this is a book I can recommend to everyone, just like all the other books of this series. I've written about Miss Silver on this blog before, and I liked the stories so much that I have decided to re-read them all again! The case is closed was written before WWII and tells us about a guy framed for murder by his own relative. Luckily for him and his wife, her niece is determined to find out the truth and then Miss Silver appears just in time to save the day.

Speaking of the 1930s, how do you like this picture?

That was an example of a casual outfit...

Speaking of outfits, here was mine for today:

I'm really not planning to turn this blog into a personal photo album, but I've noticed that blogs about "one week in a feminine dress" appear to be quite popular so I thought I'd try to do something similar. However, since I'm not really that vain, I restricted myself to only one personal photo this week and decided to post the pics of Tarl instead. A couple of days ago he decided to climb on top the wardrobe, I really don't know why! A cat under the ceiling:

His eyes are really blue, though, it's just flashlight! Here is one more:

Since he lost all interest in women and fighting, he's getting fatter and cuter by the day:) Though he still spends quite a lot of his time outside.

Speaking about going outside, I have been wondering whether we as a society are growing too protective towards our children? I know, some areas in the USA are quite dangerous for the little ones to travel or even play outside alone, but here it's still relatively safe and yet, helicopter parenting becomes more and more popular, while, on the other side, more parents than ever neglect their children (and yes, daycare, while necessary sometimes, is certainly a part of this trend). 

Behold the video about independent kiddies in Japan:

Japan's independent kids

Quite shocking to our Western sensibilities, isn't it? I'm not sure whether I agree with letting a 7 year old to go alone by train, but on the other hand, it seems to work for them, so who am I to judge?

The food of the day is mustard. Actually, the article linked also discusses ketchup and hot sauce. Isn't it nice that there are at least some health benefits to something that tastes so great???

It's getting quite late over here and I've had a busy day which is far from over since I still have laundry hanging outside and the kitchen has not been cleaned after dinner yet, but before I say good-bye, I'd like to draw your attention to aspirin. It's long been recommended as a blood thinner, to reduce the chance of stroke or a heart attack, but it apparently improves your fertility, can help prevent pre-eclampsia  and even reduces the risk of getting cancer!

DISCLAIMER: Since it's a blood-thinner, it can cause bleeding in some situations, especially high doses (that's why baby aspirin is usually recommended) and long-tern use. Please consult your doctor and remember that I'm not one and bear no responsibility for the consequences of your decisions. I'm just sharing  public information!

See you in three weeks!!!! (But, of course, I'll post inbetween, too...)


  1. I love the way people used to dress. Shirts with collars as daily wear (even in construction!), skirts and dresses on women instead of unflattering pants, and the expectation that one must look 'presentable' when leaving the house on any errand. I wish society still had a sense of pride in their appearance, but alas, that seems to have gone out of fashion.

    Have a lovely vacation!

  2. Thanks! I'll still be around till next week,but won't have time to do another weekly housewife post. It's true about clothes, though I have been noticing a slight change of the downward trend. The 1930s outfit was considered casual because it was knitted, I think, and thus stretchy. It still looks quite formal to a modern eye tho:) I have been planning to write about the evolution of the swimwear, which went from nearly full cover to a bikini in less than a 100 years. Probably won't have time to do it until after the vacation...

  3. Lovely, fun posts!
    I love the 30's &40's...I truly the era.
    It is nice to see other ladies making an attempt to be feminine. Very encouraging!!

    Parenting. I grew up in the 70's/80's. I did some reading on 80's parenting and found some intersting articles. Some were quite humorous!

    I am middle aged and still have young children. Often times I differ GREATLY ( husband too) from the younger parents with children of the same age as ours.
    Mainly concerning having them involved in a gazillion activites outside of home. We choose simply not to do it.

    Have a memorable vacation!

    God bless

  4. Thanks, Mrs.O! I'm a Gen Xer myself, and it appears to me that we used to be more independent when growing up. Nowadays children hardly play outside anymore (luckily they still do where I live) and expect to be brought everywhere by their parents even when older, like 17-18. We couldn't wait to do things by ourselves:)

    As for vintage stuff, I have posted vintage ads many times on this blog (I have quite a collection) and I'm planning to do it again in the near future.

  5. Yes! I have officially worked my way through your whole blog. It is so GOOD.

    We have an older daughter (20'). My husband would not run her here and there at that age and people thought it was terrible on our part!! The same with spending money. He just said, if it's an activity you choose to do...make arrangements!!


  6. Thanks, I'm glad you like it:) Yes, 40 is new 30 and 20 appears to be the new 10:)

    1. I read this comment, and being a 40-something I grinned that yes, 40 *is* the new 30, but I outright laughed out loud when I read that 20 appears to be the new 10. I couldn't agree more! The Peter Pan complex, especially in men, seems to just continue to spread like fungus.

  7. I'm afraid women aren't much better, either, glued to their smartphones and obsessed with approval on social media:)