Saturday, June 3, 2017

King George V

King George V was a grandson of Queen Victoria and reigned from 1910 till 1936, when he died. The Catholic Illustration published an article about him in its May, 1935 issue, since UK was celebrating 25 years of his reign. Of course, there were pictures:

King George and his wife, Queen Mary and the crowns of the Kingdom and the Empire:

A family album photo from 1873: The future King George is the one sitting, the boy standing is his eldest brother Duke of Clarence who died in 1892, making him the crown prince. The little girl in the center is the future Queen Maud of Norway, the one on the right is Princess Victoria, the girl standing next to the Duke is the eldest sister, who died young, too.

Here are George and Mary in their daily clothes, travelling through England in 1925.

King George loved the sea and in 1903 he became a vice-admiral. The picture above is out of the time of WWI and is taken on board the submarine. The king was then 52 years old but still quite agile, as you can see.

Here he is steering his own yacht.

Travelling through rural England

inspecting his Scottish gurards

riding horses with his cousin the German Emperor whom he later went to war with (we all know how this ended)

and, not for the faint of heart, hunting in India:

He died relatively young, at about 71, but I keep thinking it was probably better for him that he didn't witness the WWII and the slow destruction of everything what was still left of the Victorian England afterwards.


  1. Sanne

    Thanks for including those photos, some good ones there.

    Three interesting thing's about George V.

    1. He looked like his cousin Czar Nicholas II so much that they looked like identical twins.

    2. He changed the Royal familys name and hence Dynasty. He was enthroned as a Saxe-Coburg and Gotha but in 1917 he changed the name and he died a Windsor.

    3. His Coronation in 1911 was the last great gathering of Royalty in European history. It could even be argued that it was the greatest gathering of European Royalty in all of history.

    Mark Moncrieff
    Upon Hope Blog - A Traditional Conservative Future

  2. Mark, you are welcome!

    Interesting about the Czar, I kept thinking who did he remind me of:)

    It's a pity European royalty decided to commit a collective suicide in 1914...