Thursday, June 29, 2017

Intelligent vs Stupid

Have you ever thought that the behaviour often lauded as "intelligent" nowadays is actually quite stupid? For instance, women are told that if they spend their best fertile years at school and later climbing a career ladder, and chasing multiple "bad boys" (and STDs), they are intelligent even though later on, they often lament that they can't find a husband or can't get pregnant. In the same manner, women with children out of wedlock are "courageous, strong single moms" while married housewives raising their children well are somehow "Stepford wives"?

Or take the debt issues. Apparently, "intelligent, successful people" all take huge mortgages which causes both father and mother to work full time, while an institution or grandparents raise their children, while "losers" acquire a modest house or even rent. Yet, the loser's wife is at home with their kids and they probably save more by the end of the month!

When I hear of parents bragging about their children buying a bigger house than children of someone else, that's the dialogue I imagine:

"My children owe the bank 200 000!"

"Well, my children are way cooler than yours!!! They owe the bank 300 000!!! Isn't it just great???"...


  1. Oh this is true!
    We have a daughter who just finished her senior year of high school. She is not planning to go to college. We have a community 4th of July parade coming up and we have been jokingly trying to guess how many folks will ask her what her big " college and career plans are?"
    She has several come backs...but I have told her she needs to behave herself! HahA
    Let's just hope I can :)


  2. Mrs.O, isn't it weird how girls nowadays are encouraged to spend years to prepare for a career, but not for marriage and children? The good choice of a spouse is virtually the most important thing for both men and women, since they aren't only choosing a marriage partner, but a father/mother of their future children.

  3. Yes! Our daughter actually responded to an aquaintance saying something along the lines of not going to college, that she may just marry someone who went to college..haha
    the woman didn't find any humour in that..

  4. Well, if a girl goes to college to get her MRS degree it's not so bad:) Unless it means taking on a huge debt, of course. I remember someone told me that women used to work as a salesperson in a store selling hunting/fishing equipment in order to find a husband. Finding a good husband is really a great female achievement:)

  5. Housewife Outdoors (or whoever I was)June 30, 2017 at 8:14 AM

    I just loved that dialogue. :)

    I have been reaging your blog every now and then but "life happened" and I just didn't have energy to communicate in foreign language. Sorry about that. :)

  6. Hey, nice to hear from you:) I hope you are fine!