Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Kärcher WD2, A Consumer Review

I have been planning to write about it since forever but felt no inspiration. Last year my vacuum-cleaner broke down unexpectedly so I had to buy a new one and this model was the only decent one  I encountered at the shopping mall.

On the positive side, it was cheap. It vacuums quite good and it looks like R2D2. Here is a close-up:

The bags are expensive, but they are huge and can be reused at least once. If you take the bag out, you can use WD2 for water (after all, it is a Kärcher):

(Yes, my drying rack isn't in optimal condition, either:)

On the negative, first the cord is short. Like, really short, which makes vacuuming the stairs very uncomfortable. And I have three of them in my house, so it's now mostly the task of the housekeeper who doesn't come that often. You can't regulate the suction power, either, which isn't good from the point of saving electricity and your money.

The only attachments it has are those shown in the pictures. Finally, the thing is clumsy and prone to falling. When it falls, the bag moves and suction power goes down to zero, so you have to open and reassemble it.

Would I buy it again? Probably not, but I'm more or less content with it, except for the short cord. It really is a bother. I hope this info will be  helpful to some of you!


  1. Can you purchase an extension cord? Here in the US electrical extension cords are very inexpensive. I've never heard of being able to regulate suction! My current vacuum was made in the 1970's. It is on the heavy side but should be fixable indefinitely. My mother in law still has hers from the early 1960's.

  2. Mrs. Cote, I guess we could but somehow we never bothered:) All the modern vacuums I've had so far had a suction regulation function, though I must say it's the first thing which starts to break down. I guess modern stuff just isn't meant to last so long. I previously had a Philips which is supposed to be very good, but it didn't last longer than 2 or 3 years, either. Well, may be 4, but definitely not 50:) It had a cord long enough to vacuum downstairs while plugged upstairs, though.

    I must add that WD2 is very light, which is definitely an advantage, comparing to my previous one.

  3. All my vacuums have also had suction regulation. The one we have now has very simple version of that: there is little lid on the tube/handle that can be opened to reduce suction when vacuuming carpets or something delicate.

    I try to vacuum as little as possible because our vacuum is noisy as hell. I wanted it because it needs no bags, I hate removing the bags and they are very expensive. It turned out that I hate emptying dust container even more and the noise is someting unbearable.

    So nowadays I just vacuum the carpets and the "critical points" where all doghair lands and mop everything.

  4. WD2 is very noisy, that's again a min point:) However, with two cats who roam outside and wall-to-wall carpeting upstairs + 2 carpets downstairs, I have to vacuum regularly. I hate messy floors. Actually, my housekeeping manual suggests doing it every day but I find it kinda excessive so mostly it's three times a week. Unless I'm sick, of course.

    BTW, we used to have a vacuum without a bag and it did overall a very poor job indeed. I'll never buy anything like this again.

  5. I also hate messy floors since I have to exercise on the floor every day. :) It is not nice to do yoga on doghair and sand... That's why I have got rid of several mats, so I can wipe the floors whit wet mop more easily. Luckily wall-to-wall -carpeting has never been that popular in Finland, it would be so hard to keep it clean when one has very hairy dog whit messy paws...

  6. Here we do it for a better sound insulation because the bedrooms are usually upstairs. However, we are planning to install laminate flooring in the attic!