Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Philosophy Of "Gina Tingles"

Nearly all criticism of the so-called "Red Pill" philosophy or "Game" appears to come from the more liberal parts of the internet and is feminist in nature, like arguing that the Gamers are wrong because they don't believe men and women are equal.

Yet there is one glaring problem with this whole Game stuff which nobody seems to notice: they attribute all sorts of complex problems to sex or lack thereof.

For instance, last year a German pilot by the name of Andreas Lubitz crashed his plane into the mountain. It was later revealed that he had been suffering from depression for years and had suicidal tendencies. Yet the Gamers had their own answer to the riddle: it was because Andreas didn't get enough sex! Never mind that there were reports that he had left behind a girlfriend (or even two) or that Germany is known for its lack of sexual restraint and that prostitutes there advertise their craft in local newspapers and by McDonald's restaurants. These simple facts don't fit the narrative and thus should be discarded.

Two days ago we had a gruesome terrorist attack in Nice. The reasons behind the instability in France are complicated and not of the nature I'd care to go into detail on this blog (here is an article which presents an interesting point of view on the whole problem), yet for the Red Pill theory adherents the answer is clear: it's all because French women sexually desire immigrants! This is what has caused the whole mess!

This is juvenile at best, retarded at worst. Sexual desire can be a powerful factor and we have stories like the one of Trojan War to prove it yet the motivation of human beings is often very complicated and among more advanced individuals above the certain age normally goes further than whether their ahem, genitalia experience any sorts of tingles at the moment, and this is true for both men and women.

Sex is important but contrary to what some internet guru seem to claim, it's not the most important thing in the world and the adolescent obsession with it some folks tend to display is frankly, ridiculous. And no, you won't save the Western civilisation by learning how to pick up sluts in bars, either, though it can make you happy to think so. End of the rant:)


  1. Ha! Love it... They are so stupid with their little philosophies and all. But why I should take any "movement" seriously that refers to my brain as a "hamster" in the first place is beyond me.

  2. If under "hamster" they mean rationalisation of the bad decisions then some men have hamsters, too! Big and fat ones:)

  3. Great rant; couldn't have put it better myself.

    ~Lady Virtue

  4. What makes these guys actually dangerous is that they've taken on the character of a Cult. Some of them try to meld their philosophy with Christianity; but others have definite cultish tone.

    Historically in pagan/barbarian times, there were cults centered on sexuality too. These guys think they're the Wave of the Future, but in reality they're throwbacks to primitive epochs.

  5. Unfortunately, my Protestant brothers (and sisters) often demonstrate simply abysmal knowledge of the Scriptures. I understand that modern churches, even conservative ones are tainted by liberalism, but so much can be learned from the past and all these resources are available for free on the internet, like Bible commentaries by such men as M. Henry which display the traditional understanding of things.

    Ditto for history, one just has to read a couple of Victorian books from Project Gutenberg to see what the traditional Western patriarchy looked like and how women were treated. If people were less ignorant, they wouldn't fall for false doctrines.

  6. Housewife from FinlandJuly 18, 2016 at 3:51 AM

    What I find most entertaining is that those poor souls actually think that they are alfa-males. My interpretation of an alfa-male is rather different...

  7. Alpha males in nature (by wolves e.g.) mate with alpha females. They don't spend their time chasing trashy sluts:) The reality is that strong, ambitious, dominant and powerful men have always been popular with ladies, but it's their inner qualities and status they achieve which makes them alpha, hence popular. Gamers, in my experience, see it exactly backwards, that their success with women is what makes alpha out of them in the first place. So they want to copy the behaviour and mannerisms of these men, but it doesn't make them alpha since they miss all the inner masculine traits which are so attractive to women like dominance, drive, ambition, courage etc. A lot of commenters on these blogs don't come across as particularly manly to me. They sound more like bitchy women with a huge chip on the shoulder, pardon my French:)

  8. This blaming what a horrible person does on lack of sex is something I have not heard. It sounds like another upside down world view again doesn't it. Like 2 + 2 is 5. Why? Cause they said so. Don't question it.. It is not politically correct to do so... Have peoples brains gotten fried or something??? The Bible says people will become lovers of themselves not listening etc etc and well here we are....

    Sorry I am just worn down by all of the happenings recently and changes happening all to often towards the wrong all over. Sometimes I would like to be able to shake one of these political 'experts' and find out if they are human. Shane you get right down to the nitty gritty and think clearly. Your point is taken and I agree kept that I have not heard this point being taken in the news stories I hear here. The U.S. A. It could be I have just not noticed. But don't they always have something to blame things on...not themselves but other things..they don't do is forced upon them by someone or something else. They are innocent. Yea right. Sarah

  9. Sarah, this angle as you call it, exists in some (less savoury I should probably add:) corners of the internet. As for all the happenings, I'm afraid we'll see more of them before it's over. Summer has just begun...