Monday, September 30, 2013

Is It Weird To Wear Dresses?

Only if you are a guy:) The title of this post is actually the Google search which brought someone to my blog. Wearing Dresses and The Advantages Of Being A Housewife seem  to be the two most popular articles so far. I guess I have written enough about housewives for now, so it would be nice to say a couple more words about dresses.

I won´t bother you with religious texts about distinctions between male and female clothes, but just give my opinion. No, wearing dresses for a woman is not weird. What I personally find weird is that so many women nowadays choose to wear what used to be men´s working clothes day in day out.

Recently I went to a funeral and to a wedding. The wedding was more of a society affair and nearly every woman wore a dress (with a couple of exceptions), while most men wore suits. The funeral, on the other hand...For the life of me, I can´t understand how on Earth can women of a certain age come to a solemn ceremony dressed in denim miniskirts and leggins, and I strongly suspect that some of the ladies don´t possess even one skirt in their wardrobe. Some people seem to have lost all the sense of distinction between formal and casual attire, not to forget about shoes. By formal female clothes you wear heels, whether you like them or not.

Some women openly declare that they refuse to wear skirts because they are emancipated, and don´t want to be like fundies (yes, I have met types like that, in the church of all places), while others will tell you how skirts and dresses are inconvenient and expensive. I have never experienced any inconvenience in a dress, but may be it´s just my personal preference, however the claim that dresses are expensive, or more expensive than pants, is certainly not true. Not all dresses are formal dresses, there are many casual models on the market, and they don´t have to cost a fortune.

Take for instance, this dress which I bought in a second-hand store

It cost me all of 12 euros, even though it´s a brand. The dress is soft, comfy and versatile, and can be worn with a different colour blouse every day. One advantage of buying second hand clothes is that they are cheap and you can pass them on to someone when you get tired of them without any guilt feeling about wasted money.

I actually always hesitate to put pictures of myself on this blog, but the reason I´m doing it is because I´d like to inspire other ladies to dress more femininely. Your husband and children will appreciate it, and it will do wonders for your self-esteem, too!


  1. Maybe it's just me, but I have always found skirts and dresses convenient and the men's clothing inconvenient. Skirts and dresses give me the feeling that I am actually dressed, not just clothed.

  2. I understand about the dresses and am wearing dresses almost exclusively these days.

    1. Dresses are very much in fashion, btw. Shops are full of them, in every length and colour, so I can't understand why someone would think it's weird to wear them:)

  3. Skirts and dresses inconvenient? Somehow, in these feminine clothes, i have on numerous occasions have stacked wood, shoveled snow, dug a pit, patched a roof, shoveled stone off a flatbed and swept out the woodcrib.


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