Friday, September 6, 2013


Well, it looks like summer is finally drawing to the end. Yesterday it was +31*C, a record temperature for this time of the year, and it was supposed to be nearly as hot today, but then we got a thunderstorm and it has become considerably colder. The shops are busy selling the remnants of their summer collection, but some already switched completely to woollen sweaters and tweed skirts. The length seems to be slightly above the knee, in contrast to the floor length summer dresses. I've seen longer skirts, too, though.

The colours of the autumn are emerald green, yellow, dark red and dark blue, at least based on what I have seen so far and I have found a set I'm planning to buy. It's a tweed skirt and jacket, and  as you probably know, I have a weekness for tweed. When I came home I was possessed by a strong urge to declutter and decided that vaccuum-cleaning and other chores could wait till Monday.

I think I wrote about decluttering before but I just want to remind you that now it's really a good time for it. Stuff tends to accumulate, especially in families with children. Thrift is fine, but none of us (hopefully) are really so poor that they need to wear the same things for years. Some classic styles are always in fashion, but otherwise it changes practically every year.

The rule of the thumb should be, if you haven't worn it for more than a year, you probably are not going to wear it at all, so get rid of it. It is possible to turn a profit on old clothes, toys, DVDs and other stuff. For instance, my neighbour sold all the clothes her children didn't wear any more at a flea market. If you have some expensive brands, there are second-hand shops which will sell them for you. If you don't need money and don't want to bother, you can pass them to your friends or donate them to a local charity.

Clothes and toys are not the only things which tend to accumulate through the years. There are also old magazines, postcards, letters, home ornaments etc. If you don't make a conscious effort to keep clutter under control it will take over, and your nice home will be turned into chaos. Remember, a streamlined house is easier to clean!

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