Sunday, June 2, 2013

Breakfast Ideas

Breakfasts in our household are rather simple. Mostly it's Scandinavian crisp bread/toast with butter and jam and a cup of milk, or some cereal; sometimes it can be croissants with hot chocolate, and, of course, fruit. Today I decided to bake waffles.

If you don't have a waffle iron, may be you should consider investing in one, as waffles always make for a good breakfast!:) Well, at least they do in my house...

I have tried many recipes, but decided to go for a basic one today. It's easy to adjust for any number of people. For 1c of flour you will need to add 1tsp of baking powder, salt to taste, 2tbsp of sugar, about 30g butter, 1 egg and about 4/5c of milk (adjust the amount of milk to achieve a liquid batter which is not too thin). Butter needs to be melted before adding. This will be enough for 4 big waffles (such as those shown in the picture).

You can serve them with butter and powder sugar like I did or with anything you like. They are best served warm when they are still crispy, if they cool off they become too soft, but you can warm them up in the toaster. If you have any favourite breakfast ideas or recipes, feel free to share!

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