Saturday, May 4, 2013

Busy As A Bee...

Have you ever noticed how the time flies? I always wonder at those women who complain about being bored at home, as I never seem to be able to find time for anything these days. With the weather finally  becoming warm I have been really concentrating on my spring cleaning and as a bonus activity I decided to catalogue our home library, and that is plenty of work.

I started with the books in the attic and so far did the two upper shelves of an antique finish bookcase made by my own dear husband. There are still three to go but at least I won't have to climb the ladder any more. I hope to be able to finish the job next week, so that I can move to the books in our bedroom, which are a lot!

Today I also accomplished something I wanted to do for weeks, namely, to plant some flowers on our terrace:

Don't these petunias look lovely? I also changed the winter bedspread for the summer one, which, by the way, I made myself:

Now I can finally wash the other one and store it away, hopefully till November at the very least, but with the weather nowadays one can never be sure. This summer bedspread has been my attempt at quilting, just as the tablecloth below:

Please pay attention to the table runner and the doily on the cupboard behind the table: they are a present from my neighbour and were crocheted by her mother. Aren't they beautiful? Here is a closer look:

I have several more of them, for instance this one in the living-room: 

In my opinion, hand-made things always add character to one's house, don't you agree? Yesterday we watched a great film which I hope to write about tomorrow or on Monday. Since I'm rather in a hurry, I'll keep this short. Have a nice weekend, all of you!


  1. All kinds of lovely things happening in your home.

    And I quite agree, I am NEVER bored at home.

    I LOVE the quilt you made and the table runner that your neighbor's mother made is lovely too. You're right, homemade things are so cosy and homey.

  2. Yes, that's true:) Far from being bored, I'm spending my days in frantic activity and still don't succeed in accomplishing everything I planned! The bedspread took me nearly a year to make because I was doing everything by hand and then I finally had enough and switched to using a sewing machine and finished it in a couple of days. I think the colours are very fresh, don't you agree? I also got a crocheted bedspread from my neighbour but it's too small for our bed so I'm not yet sure what to do with it.