Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Vintage-Inspired Entertainment

Below is a review of my book by a gentleman who read it:

Here is a review of  The Long Way Home, a book written by Sanne Wijker.
TLWH is a novel from Sanne Wijker, It is a mixture between  SF and Fantasy and takes place in the future and in another galaxy.
The book is about a young aristocrat man, his loyalty to his country and  friendship, with christian values. The home planet of the main character is a lot like victorian England with all the romance while the other planets are rough.
The book is separated in 3 parts, the first part is chiefly about the introduction of the main characters. The characters are described very well and you will learn a lot about their feelings, thoughts and backgrounds.In the second and third part there is a lot more action than in the first part, there are intrigues, fights and romance. well described , in a  way that you as a reader feel that you are a part of the book.
The main character falls in love with a girl who was a  former slave , but later finds out that she got married to another man.  At the same time his friend's sister falls in love with him. which makes it all more difficult. During conversations with an old lady, who reminds me of Miss Marple, the main character learns more about his background and this will influence him in making his decisions.
Some parts are described in full detail, here you notice that the author did some thorough studying on the subject before writing it down.As a man I found it a very captivating book with a lot of excitement, there are thrilling adventures but also some moments with fighting.
I can also recoment this book to women, because there are a lot of romantic moments in the book, like afternoon tea ceremony or a moment that they were playing the piano, old mansions, girls in long skirts. When you start reading it, it is difficult not to think of the Victorian England.
The book is in a handy format, and not to long, so you can pick it up easily during a coffee or tea break or when you have some spare time.
 As a Christian I found the book very pleasant to read because it has a message in it and the main character has his own thoughts about things like  duty,loyalty or marriage, just the way the Bible teaches us.
If you click on the icon on the right, under recommended reading , it will take you to the site where you can read the first chapter of the book.

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