Saturday, June 15, 2024

Is Your Mouthwash Killing You?

 I have been a victim of it myself. After I stopped using it, I started feeling better. Check fluoride toothpaste and everything containing sage/peppermint, too. Don't take my word for it, I'm not a health professional:

Cost Of Fresh Breath

Research using the San Juan Overweight Adults Longitudinal Study (SOALS) has proven that prolonged use of mouthwash more than twice a day for over a year increases the risk of developing hypertension by 85 per cent as compared to those using mouthwash less frequently. These people also have twice the risk of hypertension than those who never used mouthwash. The study also suggests that people often use over-the-counter mouthwash with fluoride and anti-bacterial agents longer than prescription mouthwash with chlorohexidine.

Study in case


  1. In my country people very rarely use mouthwash. Our dentists say toothpaste and flossing is quite enough. With mouthwash, you just kill all the good bacteria.

    Prescription mouthwash when needed, is, of course, different.

    Also they say you should use fluoride toothpaste, but least possible amount and never swallow. You are not supposed to use it as much as they show on ads.

  2. BTW quite often when people have bad breath, it is due to respiratory problems, not mouth. One should only breath trough nose (mouth-breathing makes your mouth too dry and smelly). This also helps if your systems produces excess mucus, which is often the cause of bad breath.

    My brother has mild asthma, and I can always tell from his breath, when he should start using his medication again. I can smell the mucus. (He is told to take his medicine only when needed.)

  3. Its not the mouthwash that's killing you, its the Fluoride. That is a neurotoxin. It doesn't really go away once its in your system.

    To preempt the but its recommended by dentists and it keeps cavities from forming and your teeth white. I do have some rebuttals.

    Dentists like doctors don't actually research the stuff they recommend. They rely on studies done by "professionals." What is left out is that said "professionals," are hired to do studies by lobbyist groups looking to sell stuff. So going back to the fluoride. A couple of things. There is actually two types of Fluoride, natural and artificial. The "study" that was done that all this is based off of comes from a small town who's name currently eludes me. In their water supply was a body of natural fluoride. The study found that the people in that town had much less cavities than the average American. That was it. That was the basis of all of it. As far as I am aware no other studies were really done. It was just accepted as fact. So companies started putting artificially made fluoride into your toothpaste, your mouthwash, and if you are particularity unlucky the local government puts it into the water-supply of your town. To be fair it does actually reduce cavities, but frankly I'd rather have cavities than neurotoxins damaging my brain. Which is why in large chunks of Europe it is banned because again, neurotoxin.

    - W

  4. Why is it that Americans love conspiracy theories so much? On the other hand, I know you have fluoride in your drinking water supply, so it's possible to get a dose too big. Which is hardly possible if you only use toothpaste.

    The study was done on several types of mouthwash, including chlorhexidine one which contains no fluoride. It's just the fact that the good bacteria gets killed. However, fluoride kills bacteria, too, and peppermint, sage and liquorice are known to raise your blood pressure Though they could be fine in the toothpaste in small amounts. I was, unfortunately, drinking lots of sage tea.

    1. American's love conspiracy theories is because our government does a bunch of really shady stuff. As time goes on what was decried as "Conspiracy Theory" turns out to actually have been true. In fact it has gotten so bad that recently jokes have been getting made that a "Conspiracy Theory is only a few weeks away from being Conspiracy Fact."

      What's kind of funny is the term Conspiracy Theory was created by a director of the CIA when Americans were demanding information from the government about the highly immoral stuff the CIA had been getting into. Shortly after it started there was a campaign to color those demanding answers as being lunatics, after all what they were saying was only a conspiracy theory don't cha know.

      In the last few decades we have found to our disgust that a lot of the stuff the CIA and the Government swore up and down they didn't do or was shut down was in fact done and not shut down or simply renamed and continued. As it turned out, a lot of those who were labeled insane conspiracy theorists by the media were right on the money.

      So really the fascination Americans have with "Conspiracy theories" is nothing more than a desire to learn the truth, and just how rotten our government has gotten. Take spying for instance. It is illegal by US law for a US intelligence agency to spy on American citizens. For a long time people have said the CIA and the Feds are spying on US citizens. Naturally the government called them conspiracy theorists and nuts. Fast forward to today. Apple, Verizon, and a couple other phone and internet companies have been caught giving the Feds back-doors into our phones and computers. The CIA was caught in a program called the 5 Eyes. This was the name of a program that was a workaround to spying on citizens. In effect the CIA would spy on British, Australian, New Zealand, and Canadian citizens and provide the data to their equivalent of the CIA, and in exchange the others would do the same. Thereby allowing the spying on US citizens despite it being illegal for the CIA to do. Naturally this was never shut down.
      - W

    2. All governments do shady stuff, lol:) But it doesn't mean that they always lie, you know. Sometimes they speak the truth. It's like Covid vaxx conspiracy. Here folks forgot about it, but in America it's still going strong. Apparently people are dying left and right from it. Everybody became infertile and also got turbo cancer. Strangely it's not happening over here. Instead of blaming the vaxx the conspiracy theorists should may be look into dietary patterns and drug use.

    3. The problem with that line of logic is that it doesn't really fit. There are plenty of people who are called conspiracy theorists who decry the miserable dietary patterns, but there was a base level of deaths each year due to the poor quality food and the drugs. There was a massive spike when the not-vax came out. Even today we are being told that the number of people with various forms of cancer has shot up several hundred to one thousand percent more than the year before the not-vax.

      Please note, this is not to say our nutrient lacking foods and drugged up population isn't being stuffed full of psych-meds, estrogen, testosterone blockers, etc. That was all accounted for in the numbers before the not-vax. There were people talking about how Americans are lied to about all of that even before the not-vax. However and this is why your logic train fails. After the not-vax was implemented and pushed on everyone. Death rates spiked, cancer rates spiked, infertility rates went up, etc. Its not that people weren't saying the drugs and food are slowly killing us before, but rather that the not-vax made things so much worse and pushed it out into the open.

      The government and the pharmaceutical companies said the following over the last few years. We didn't order you to take it, we merely suggested it. Fouchi and the docs who basically ordered everything shut down shouldn't be held accountable because reasons. This wasn't from a lab in Wuhan, this was from a bat in a market.

      The United States government has lied about this again and again. The government called those who stood against the not-vax and the government enforcement of taking it conspiracy theorists and kooks. They lied again and again, and are currently as in today in 2024 still trying to pass the blame and avoid being called out for their actions. This is why so many people in America are still talking about this. Sure someone in government occasionally messes up and tells the truth, but that's human nature, I too stub my toe sometimes. The point is the vast majority of the time you can't trust a word out of any of their mouths, and if they recommend/order the compliance of, you would be better off doing the opposite or not complying. Its much healthier, which is also why those who mistrust the government aren't in the batch with the as you said (turbo cancer.) Actually I like the phrase Vox Day used last year I think it was, those who refused the not-vax can be considered, pure-bloods.

      - W

    4. I personally know plenty of people who took the Covid vaccine and they aren't at all dying. They are also getting children just fine. The excess mortality in 2020-2022 could just as well be attributed to corona itself. The elderly in the nursing homes were dropping like flies in 2020. Both those who claim that the vaccine did wonders and those who claim it's some killer shot are severely exaggerating, imo.

      As for VD, he is a nice guy. But he also believed in Qanon. just saying:)

  5. Here in Europe there is zero fluoride in drinking water, and we are always adwised not to swallow it ever. And we are not supposed to use toothpaste that contains it on very small children. Only after they are old enough to undestand the concept of not swallowing, you can switch to fluoride toothpatse and even then, use the least amount of possible.