Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Going To College



  1. A friend and I were talking last night about the starting wages at a Buc E's which is a popular travel stop along the highways of America. These stores are huge and have all types of food and drink one could want along with fuel and such. Anyway, starting hourly for Cashiers and custodial is around $18 to $20 per hour plus health benefits, 401k retirement, and paid holidays. The food and store managers make six figures though I imagine it would be hard work with some weekends involved and you would have to work your way up to those. But not bad if you are a person who will work. If can deal with people and will work, there are some well paying jobs out there without a degree.

  2. I'm not against higher education, but the system which basically forces young people into debt is gravely immoral, imo.

    As for retail jobs, here they always want flex employees who are supposed to be at the beck and call of their employer day and night. Like you sign the contract for 24 hours, expected to work 44. They all have WhatsApp groups nowadays and bother you at any hour. Of course, it's mostly women working there and, of course, they won't stand up for their rights...