Thursday, August 31, 2023

Criminalisation Of Heteros8xuality

 Migrants r8pe women - I sleep. Lewd acts committed in the streets - I sleep. Children are exposed to explicitly s8xual material - I sleep. A grown up man kisses a grown up woman without getting a license first? Off with his head!!!

The head of the Spanish soccer federation faces possible prosecution for kissing a star player on the lips following Spain's World Cup victory amid increasing pressure for him to resign...

 Spanish prosecutors opened a criminal investigation on Aug. 29 into whether the kiss was an act of sexual assault. 

Some things to keep in mind. First, the woman herself only started objecting after a feminist outcry:

She then initially downplayed it in a statement, saying it was a "mutual gesture that was totally spontaneous" and "a natural expression of affection and gratitude."

However, she now says she was pressured into making that statement and sees the incident completely differently.

"At no time did I consent to the kiss that he gave me," she said.

She added in a statement that she “felt vulnerable and the victim of aggression, an impulsive, sexist act which was out of place and with no consent on my behalf," according to ESPN

Second, unlike in the more enlightened countries such as the US, his family are standing by him:

Rubiales' family is defending him against the backlash to the point where his mother has locked herself in a church and gone on a hunger strike, according to his cousin. 

Third, he correctly refused to " do the right thing and resign":

The Spanish soccer federation demanded that he "immediately resign" because of “the latest events and the unacceptable behaviors that have seriously damaged the image of Spanish football," according to a news release in Spanish. 

Initially, they supported him, btw:

The Royal Spanish Football Federation withdrew its support of Rubiales after an emergency meeting on Monday night after having initially backed him when FIFA announced it was investigating the kiss

So I wonder who is it  really demanding his blood? 

If they fire him, which they'll probably do he should sue them for the wrongful termination and do the same with his accuser. There is a lesson in this all: whatever happens, don't go into this night gently.

 P.S. May be this sheds some light on who is behind this all:

 McDonald’s has teamed up with FIFA as a sponsor of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023 and the FIFA World Cup 2026.


  1. When I was young, we used to joke, that if a man ASKS if he can kiss you, you can only answer: "NO!"

    I mean, who would like a "man" like that kissig you?

    Maybe we should just lock women home like in Saudis, apparently world is too dangerous a place for us otherwise.

    Sometimes it seems to me that progressives want men to follow victorian morals and code of conduct, but women are not supposed to be like victorian women -chaste. They want men to protect chastity, that does not exist.

    Also I think women playing soccer is a disgrace and dishonors both noble game and female players. I mean have you ever watched women playing?

  2. BTW my husband says that all women who play soccer, are lesbians. When I look a picture of that woman, I must agree. Also after seeing her picture it is quite obvious that that kiss was not of sexual nature, but more like Boris Jeltsin and Mihail Gorbatshov kissing a "kiss of peace".

  3. And anonymious was me...

  4. Blanka, this new pseudo Victorian puritanism is only ever applied to heteros8xual White men, have you noticed?

    As for female soccer...We have always been a football country and there was never much interest in the female part of it, yet they started heavily promoting it recently. There is one Western country where female soccer is popular, the USA. It's also like a ground zero of modern feminism. And McDonalds is the sponsor of the event...

  5. In my country, they have started to write about "football world cup", when they actually mean "women's football". This applies to many sports, but football is the most striking. They are trying to trick and fool people to watch women's football, when in reality, nobody wants to see it. Exept feminists and women playing it and maybe their family.

    And yes, I have noticed only white straight men are supposed to have duties and standards nowadays... Everyone else have just rights... I wonder how long they are going to put up with this? Providing for everyone, taking care of everything meaningfull on society (STEM-field, infrastructure and everything that actually matters in society is still male-dominated), and getting mocked all the time.

    Why do they allow this? It seems to me patriarchy never existed, true sons of patriarchy could not be this weak.

  6. Here supermarkets used to have actions when you got pictures of "football heroes" after you had paid a certain amount for your shopping. Little boys collected them and would stand by the cash register and ask everyone for these pics. Those used to be all men, now there is a mandatory female in every package. They start indoctrinating them young:)

    As for your 2nd point, sometimes I wonder whether there is any fighting spirit left in modern Western European men. Probably the two world wars had a dysgenic effect.

  7. 'Blanka, this new pseudo Victorian puritanism is only ever applied to heteros8xual White men, have you noticed?'

    This has a name it's called Anarco-tyranny. Whereby one group is held to a very strict standard 'tyranny' and other groups are held to little or no standards 'anarchy'.

  8. Pushed on us by the Lords of Lies...