Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Boomer Hate Intensifies

 Now I understand that folks can have their own reasons for criticising Baby Boomers. We've even had this discussion a couple of times on my blog. However, in my opinion, one can go too far. And I do mean the recent screeds of VD about Boomers. Calling them the most wicked generation in the whole human history is a bit excessive, not?

In fact, I have a feeling that he is going the path of Roosh rather quickly as most of his posts nowadays are about various conspiracy theories. 



  1. My mom is a boomer and married a man from the silent generation. She stayed at home while my dad worked. But some of the Boomers are pretty clueless. I'm GenX and figured out over 20 years ago at my first job that working your butt off means nothing. You are just another human resource, and I would say boomers are responsible for some of that though some things like Hart Celler were done by the Silent Generation.

  2. My $0.02 for what its worth in today's economy. There are bad apples in every generation, just as there are bad apples in every race. Generally speaking people avoid/ignore the bad apples as much as possible. That being said there are times where either through the malice of satan, or just plain bad luck you have an extraordinary crop of bad apples appear.

    In my $0.02 and I'm sure I will catch lots of flack for this, the baby boomer generation had/has for whatever reason an absolutely amazing number of bad apples. I don't like to blame whole generations or races for stuff as frankly that is simply moronic and leads to bad ends. However truth be told there is substance to a lot of what is being said.

    The problem is that while normally things can be overlooked as it is just a handful of bad apples out of a barrel of good apples so no big deal. However in this case because there were so many bad apples. Bad apples who were and are in the position to do as much damage as they did and are still doing that the younger generations are more likely to blame an entire generation for it. This is not helped by the fact that even a ton of the boomers who weren't bad apples defend the bad apples of their generation because they think they are being attacked too. Which in turn simply offers proof to the younger generations that its not simply a large number of bad apples, but in fact the whole generation that is rotten to the core.

    I don't particularly like the call for the night of the pillow, but I can understand the frustration that is causing this sentiment to become more and more popular. When you have people who have for their entire lives been a direct cause of the destruction of your country, your livelihood, your family, and your race. Bad apples who refuse to simply retire and let the younger generations try to fix the damage they caused, who are then defended by the apples who were not bad. Well frustration tends to quickly become hatred at that point, not just of the original bad apples, but of all the other apples defending the bad apples as well.

    Frankly I don't really care about the boomers. I don't wish them dead, I just want them to retire. The damage is done. The seed corn was eaten, the industrial heartland was sold and shipped overseas, our land has been flooded with foreigners, our people have been encouraged to mix with said foreigners after all "diversity is our strength" not that any boomer really explained how that is a strength. Our laws are now a mockery of justice, and frankly I could go on for pages.

    The point I'm trying to make is that the damage is done, yes they were and are a wicked and perverse generation as a whole, but they have done their damage. If they would simply retire and go off to eat whatever remains of the treasures the previous generations had built up and bother no one else I think the younger generations would be fine with that and leave them be.

    But they refuse. The bad apple have pulled up the ladders behind them and seem be be bound and determined to destroy whatever remains before they die off. And that is why so many of the younger generations call for the night of the pillow. - W

  3. Vox is very good at some things (economics, writing fiction) and very bad on other things like politics.

    He still hasn't admitted that Q Anon wasn't real. He just stopped talking about it.

  4. Thank you for your replies, it's all very interesting!

    I'd like to say that Boomers in my country don't strike me as particularly wicked. May be clueless to some point, and unfortunately, often rebellious and feminist, but not evil. So the question is, can we blame common folks in the street for what the elites did?

    The society here in Europe was strongly class divided and when they finally had a chance to get their slice of the pie, they enthusiastically embraced it. However, the laws which made modern society possible were changed beforehand, and not by the Boomer generation.

    And speaking of VD, he keeps accusing them of things like not helping their children, not babysitting etc. It's not my experience at all. In fact, many Boomer mothers who stayed home themselves, encouraged their daughters to work so that they could spend time with the baby. If they are really guilty of something, it's raising entitled narcissists/feminists of both s8xes.

  5. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't see Boomers or any other generation as particularly guilty. Brainwashed, weak, lazy, entitled, may be. But if you look at those who are guilty of your country's destruction, the fault lies squarely with the elites and their upper middle class lackeys.

  6. Also, RJ, I have a feeling that VD simply cannot admit that he is ever wrong. He is quite arrogant.