Monday, January 16, 2023

Why Conservatives Keep Losing

 It's easy to understand if you have followed a couple of internet/twitter discussions on  modern issues plaguing society.

Like today there was a discussion of Only Fans. People who claim to be conservative Catholics and freely admit that it damages society and promotes degeneracy, turn around a second later and state that it shouldn't be forbidden because muh government is bad stuff. Conservatism is the philosophy of failure at this point. Not only they haven't conserved anything, whenever they get some power, they refuse to use it.

A lot of what passes as conservatism nowadays has a libertarian background. They keep talking about free market as a solution to all of the society's problems. It doesn't work this way because market is not about morality, it's about trade. Morals of a society depend on laws, not on the market. When the laws guarding marriage became abolished or changed, the institution got considerably weakened. It's the same with other things as well.

Someone once said that conservatives love  Lord Of The Rings because it perfectly illustrates their own point of view that wielding power is immoral. Hence the good guys turn down the Ring of Power which in itself is pure evil. 

I tend to agree with that person. Christians should reject libertarian morality (do as thou will shall be the whole of the law) and whenever possible, strive for laws based on the Scriptures which would absolutely include prohibition/criminalisation of certain things the way it used to be in the past.


  1. Conservatives keep losing because they are the rear guard of Liberalism. They want Liberalism to win, just at a slower pace then the other Liberals want.

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    Mark Moncrieff

  3. True that:)
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