Friday, January 27, 2023

Is Narcissism Caused By Feminism?

 A serious question:

Maternal overvaluation was particularly correlated with grandiose narcissism. Paternal overvaluation, on the other hand, was associated with grandiose narcissism only when participants reported less caring, more lenient fathers. Greater caring from fathers accompanied by firmer limits appears to protect against the grandiosity-promoting influence of overvaluation from fathers.

Whereas paternal leniency was partially associated with grandiose narcissism, maternal leniency was associated with vulnerable narcissism. Vulnerable narcissism was also associated with maternal abuse and neglect.

Paternal abuse and neglect did not play a large role in this sample, beyond the protective effect of caring fathering in limiting grandiosity...



  1. I think there were such things as narcissists before feminism. However, I do think there is a strong argument to be made the obvious and marked increase of what looks like narcissism has its roots in the widespread acceptance of feminism throughout the culture.

  2. Oh yes, they sure were:) But modern style of parenting seems an ideal breeding ground for this sort of thing: mothers neglecting their children (daycare) and/or telling them, on the other hand, how so much better they are than everybody else around (overvaluation) plus week or absent fathers so no paternal protection. I saw it from close-by and it ain't pretty...