Thursday, November 17, 2022

Trump Or DeSantis

 In light of Donald Trump announcing his 2024 campaign, what do you think?


  1. Mixed feelings. Despite the enthusiasm of the Trump base (and the fact that some of us *ahem* will vote for him if he's the nominee in spite of him), I don't think he can pull off another general election win.

    Desantis is younger (that's more important than people are willing to talk about), smarter, more disciplined, has less baggage, and has a possibility of crafting a unifying message.

    That said, I live in Florida and I want him to stay here and finish out the term he just won re-election for. I think federalism matters, and I think having strong governors working to bring the federal government to heel when it encroaches into state's territorial rights is important. I don't know who could fill those shoes if Desantis leaves. I suppose his lieutenant governor is okay but I know very little about her.

    Conversely, Desantis' political stock is probably never going to be any higher than it is right now. A lot can happen in 6 years, so I understand why he may be inclined to throw his hat into the ring now.

  2. Yes, I see your point! For me, it's more of a theoretical question since I won't vote in your elections, but I can understand that many people find it difficult.

  3. As Vox Day posted earlier this week, I just don't care. We managed to hold the line in Texas for now. Nationally it's a waste and DC needs to flushed into the toilet. Hardly a one on either side is worth a damn. What angers me is how much and I others will have to suffer because of voter and elite stupidity.

  4. I guess Texas is more like a separate country...

  5. Texas is more plugged into the matrix than many will acknowledge. It's huge geographically but all the very red states are in the same boat; one or two sideways elections from everything going to he'll in a hand basket.

  6. Aren't they more like secession-minded in Texas?

    1. LOL! No. Not really. Texas, at this point, is no more independence minded than FL or Oklahoma. Maybe even.less.

      There are, as always and in every "red" state, a percentage of secession minded folks. But not many. Besides that, Lincoln put to death the idea that a state can just secede 157 years ago, and everyone knows it.

  7. That was me up there Sanne. Sorry!

  8. It's OK, Elspeth!

    Well, I also kinda think it's hopeless (secession), but who knows, stranger things have happened and the world has become particularly unstable these last couple of years.