Monday, October 17, 2022

Liberalism In The Catholic Church

 Our camping is in a heavily Catholic part of the country. A couple weeks ago they had an open air church sermon in the village so we went to watch. The average age of those who attended was 65+ and that of the priest, idem ditto. 

He was telling his audience how he had just visited a special conference for R.K. priests in Italy and how he hoped that "women soon would be allowed to become priests, too!". At that point, we left.

The we went to Rotterdam on some business and decided to take a look at a Serbian Orthodox Church. The building used to be a Catholic church once but it had to be sold because there were not enough parishioners over there. Catholic churches are going empty, I wonder why?

The sermon was well attended, about 200 people. Average age, 30+. Many children. The Catholic women in the village were all dressed in a boomer uniform of baggy pants and had short hair. Ortho ladies, both young and old, many were wearing long dresses and had headcoverings. 

The big mistake of the Catholic Church in the West is to try to go with the flow and telling people what they expect to hear, instead of what God teaches us.  Boomers, men and, especially women, are heavily feminist, but the priest must surely know that the R.K. Church will never allow female clergy, so he is probably just saying it to attract more people, which is quite cynical if you think of it. 

In general, this illustrates the point I have been trying to make. Most Westerners of both sexes accept feminism to the point of religious people denying their own Scriptures and Church teachings in order not to hurt (some) women's feelings. Until the Western man will find his 8888s and say, "no", it just will continue the way it is.

You can blame the media, the certain people etc, but somehow the Easterners who live among us are chiefly immune to this nonsense. So may be, it's time for us to take responsibility for our own mistakes? 


  1. Experiencing this here in the States. Very discouraging to traditional Catholic doctrine. Watering down scripture to fit modern man is a pathway to hell. Minimizing the reality of Gods Mercy and Vengence is a tool of satan.

  2. And yet somewhere in Africa, Catholics are very traditional. Strange, isn't it?