Saturday, February 19, 2022

Should We Take Vitamins?

 I have actually been a fan of cod liver oil, but now having my doubts. Vitamins apparently can have side effects, disturb your sleep etc.

Here are a couple of articles to consider:

Should everyone be taking vitamin D

 Why vitamin pills don't work

If you have any experience, good or bad feel, free to share!


  1. I've been taking a turmeric, multi vitamin for men, CoQ10, and a magnesium. There are varying quality of supplements and you don't want to over do it on some of the minerals like zinc or calcium. Men do not need more iron on average.

    I guess what I find amusing about these articles is how vitamin supplements don't work, yet, there are a myriad of federal laws here in the US and other places for the supplementation of white bread and other foods.

    We know fruits and vegetables have probably gone down in some mineral content.

    We know that humans are one of the few mammals that don't make their own Vitamin C. I'm not real sure about Vitamin D supplements.

  2. In Europe and UK there is no mandatory fortification laws, as far as I know. Some vegan products are fortified, like soy milk, but not all. You can find non-fortified brands. Mandatory fortification is really an American thing.

    I read many articles on this topic but haven't become much wiser as they are so contradictory:) So as of now I stopped with taking supplements, and then we'll see. I worry about B12 sometimes since I don't eat meat, but it's in dairy, eggs and seafood so I hope I'll be fine.

  3. I've actually had three occasions when supplements made a measureable, documented improvement to my health. The first two were important, the least one more frivolous, but I still appreciated it.

    The first was with my anemia, something I have struggled with since I was a very young woman, but which grew markedly worse a few years ago. I didn't care for the pill my doctor recommended so through lots of research, I found a product called MegaFood Blood builder right before the doc said my numbers were low enough to be at transfusion level. I started taking that supplement and it was the first natural thing that improved my iron levels.

    The second time was when I was having crazy menstrual sycles and the doc prescribed the pill. Made it worse, so after careful researchI came across a supplement known as DMI. Fixed me up pretty fast. and things went back to normal.

    The last is collagen which did wonders for my hair and skin.

    So while I'm not a supplement cheerleader, they sometimes work for me.

  4. I'm sorry about your health problems! I think supplements often work, but they can also have side effects. They are, in fact, a form of a drug, so I think the real problem is that many people just take them indiscriminately, not when they really need them.