Wednesday, December 8, 2021

What I Eat In A Day

 as a pescatarian. 

People seem to always like to know what someone eats, so here comes:)


Teff porridge made with semi-skimmed milk mixed with full fat chocolate milk which I still have left from our St Nicholas party, fruit, a rye crispbread with butter and cheese (rye, water, salt) and hot water with a slice of lemon and half teaspoon of honey. 

Teff grain is supposed to be very good for you, it's gluten free, high protein etc

but it's also pricey. I bought in on sale, otherwise I'd just eat rolled oats, 50c for 500g:) As chocolate milk is very sweet, I didn't need to add sugar or any other sweetener.

Lunch was nothing fancy:

 Cucumber and toasted bread, one slice with hummus and processed cheddar (hummus was on sale, too; 50% off), the other one with butter and fish roe paste from IKEA:


Strictly speaking it's not really a health food, but I  do like it very much:) Plus some water, as you can see. After lunch I also drank a cup of cacao (cacao powder, water and a splash of full fat milk), but no sugar since I still have some chocolates left from St. Nicholas, see above:

I figured out I deserve them since normally I'd eat one sandwich with something sweet, like apple butter, which is very popular over here. It's high in iron, too, so recommended for vegetarians.

Finally, dinner:

Parboiled brown rice, with a stir-fry of marinated shrimp, onion, bell pepper and tomatoes; plus avocado and chili sauce (love this, too).

And dessert:

plain 3.2% yogurt with flax seed and 1 tsp jam. 

Well, that's about it. I also drank tea in between, with a bit of honey/molasses. Tomorrow will be my vegetarian day, so I'm planning to eat walnuts for dinner. What about you?


  1. I'm a guy, so that posted above would probably leave me famished.

    I did get some ground flax seed on sale and keep it in the fridge. I've been adding it to my mashed potatoes for dinner, or while frying up a pancake or two, I sprinkle it on top. Or with some oatmeal along with some dried cranberries or raisin.

  2. Well, my husband eats more sandwiches on his working days, and he also eats meat several times a week; but we both ate the same dinner yesterday, and it was enough (his portion was slightly bigger I guess). He does snack on nuts and (unfortunately) cookies:) I should say that his job is very physical, btw. I guess we just eat less over here:)

    Yeah, I keep flax seed in the fridge, too. I take some supplements like cod liver oil in winter, but didn't show it.