Saturday, December 18, 2021

A New Lockdown

 That's what we are getting tomorrow. Because you know Omicron is sooo very dangerous, especially for 70+ with overweight, though nobody apparently died from it yet, well, except in the UK there was someone who died with it, but they aren't in lockdown yet, but we have to, because reasons.

Thank you, Woodstock generation, you are keeping us hostage for 2 years already...


  1. I can hardly believe that people will go along with this! How do we get back to normal? It's insanity out there!

  2. Agreed! Wake up, people!!!!!!

  3. Unknown, there are things which can't be said online because laws...

  4. Gigi, when I read uncensored comments which are still possible on sites like YouTube as opposed to the lying MSM, people are generally awake, especially the younger generations.

    Now older people aren't all the same, and there are many fine Christians and in general good folks among them, but the fact is that 65+ are the only ones quite enthusiastic about restrictions, boosters and stuff.

  5. Eureka! Not sure what was going on but Merry Christmas to you, Sanne!

    And I am very sorry to hear that your country is going into lockdown again.

  6. Thank you, Elspeth, and to you, too!
    Was something going on?

    As for the rest, they wanted vaxx mandates, and 2G rule including for the stores, and since they couldn't get enough support for these plans, that's what they came up with.

    BTW, an opposition party organised a Christmas market yesterday, in defiance of the rules and I hear it was a great success.