Tuesday, June 8, 2021

The Horrors Of International Adoption

 It's Mommy dead and dearest all over again:

 A white mother has been charged, accused of faking her adopted daughter's illness and subjecting the child to 500 unnecessary treatments, including several invasive surgeries.

Sophie Hartman, 31, is accused of falsely claiming her six-year-old daughter suffered from a rare neurological disorder known as alternating hemiplegia of childhood.

Authorities in Seattle, Washington, say Hartman has subjected her daughter, who was adopted from Zambia as an infant, to unnecessary medical procedures since she was two years old.

The girl was forced to wear leg braces, use a wheelchair, and was fed through a surgically implanted feeding tube. She also had a tube implanted in her intestines to help her go to the bathroom, according to court documents.

Hartman was charged last week with one count of second-degree assault against a child and one count of attempted domestic violence assault against a child.

No father in sight, but lots of virtue signalling present:

According to Hartman's social media accounts, she worked as a missionary in Africa and adopted two daughters from Zambia. She also attended a Bible college in Washington state and is deeply religious. 

We all know the type, I guess.

A social media page and various fundraisers were set up for the girl over the years and she was even granted a wish in 2019 by the Make-A-Wish Foundation based on her diagnosis.

But, of course...

Prosecutors say Hartman had asked doctors to give her daughter a surgical hormonal implant to stop the early onset of puberty. 

She is one of those, too. 

That's what happens when you remove all control over female behaviour. 

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