Monday, June 28, 2021

Liberation Day

 Well, technically it was Saturday, the day that face masks were officially abolished, but I visited a supermarket for the first time today. I saw one man with a mask on. He was Chinese. And three women. The rest, including the elderly, were all running around without and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Now I should say our supermarket was never very strict with enforcing the rules, unlike some others, but it's probably best not to talk about it too much:)

Anyway, it's finally freedom! I hated the nasty things. (Though you still have to wear one in public transport). I just wonder for how long, before a new horrible mutation will reach us...Right now I'm in a celebratory mood, though. What about you?


  1. In parts of Missouri, the Delta variant is hitting hard, one of the hospitals had run out of ventilators, and another hospital was so overrun with new Delta variant cases that they were having to send new patients to a different hospital.

    I read a blogger from Missouri (a different part of the state than where I am) and one of her children had just come down with Covid and then she and her husband and older daughter (all three of them vaccinated) had come down with what turned out to be the Delta variant. She said so far it felt like a bad case of bronchitis.

    I still have not had a chance to go to the salon and get my hair cut. It is very long now since the last time I went to have it cut was in March 2020. When I was young, long hair looked good on me, not so much now. I have to go get it cut soon before the Delta variant gets to be too common here.