Saturday, February 13, 2021

Want To Stay Healthy? Avoid Hospitals!

 All the while "non-essential" stores stay largely closed, except for "click and collect", the truth about the real source of corona infections keeps coming out, like the fact that it is spread through hospitals:

Up to 40 per cent of coronavirus infections in hospital patients during the first wave of the pandemic could have been caught on NHS wards, scientists have claimed in evidence presented to No10's top advisers.

It is as I have always suspected. Another 40% is spread through nursing homes and similar institutions, at-home care and social workers going door-to-door to remind the unemployed to brush their teeth on time. And the last 20% will be visiting, school and workplace, but, of course, we can't admit it since it would highlight our society's real problems (like outsourcing of elderly care from family to strangers), so we'll have to keep these stores closed another month, or until Germany opens theirs.

The current epidemic is a good reason to engage in fat-shaming though:

Anthea Turner has been accused of fat-shaming and an attack on disabled people with a Twitter rant on the NHS and the Covid pandemic.

The ex-Blue Peter presenter, 60, shared a cartoon of a large woman in a wheelchair, who is carrying a McDonald’s bag, warning a maskless female: “Put a mask on! You’re putting my health at risk.”

She captioned the image: “Go for it!”

She went on to criticise the “selfish attitudes” of people who she accused of “lazy lifestyle choices” that “endanger us all”.

You can read the whole article over here. 


  1. Granted, there are some with genuine problems that may lead to them being overweight, but I like that meme. Any reasonable person would realize what the meme is about, but since everyone wants to have two minute outrage since their lives are so boring, so here we are.

    This is harsh, but I'm ok with this alleged virus knocking out the vulnerable who cant or won't take care of themselves to some degree. The medical profession has been a disgrace in America with the mask stupidity. Funny that the public is also told that 'vitamins can't work', yet the USDA or some other worthless agency mandates foods like white bread be fortified with vitamins for something that is otherwise nutritionally suspect.

    Fauci should be hung or tortured in public for his criminal acts. And the vaccine is not really a vaccine and it has killed hundred of people.

  2. It is widely known over here that low vitamin D status contributes to the severity of cases, it was even on official government news, but somehow still there is no campaign to boost your immunity with supplementing. As for vaccinations, we are like nearly the last in Europe. I wish they vaccinated everyone who is so mortally afraid already and let the rest live their lives normally.