Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Congratulations, Mr. President?

Whoever he may be! I came home late this evening and it's still undecided? Weird stuff...What's going on?


  1. The leftists (socialist/communists) are cheating!

  2. Observe the everyday corruption of America rising to a level at which even Europeans begin to notice it.

    Isn't this cathedral of barbarity ornamented with the trimmings of civility magnificent to gaze upon? :-)

  3. I hope you folks will figure it all out! We usually know the results early next morning:)

  4. What's going on? A third world style banana republic is emerging. I am not shocked, but I am dismayed and embarrassed.

    And it'll be Madame President inside of a year to 18 months if this fraud is allowed to continue unabated. Mark my words.

  5. Oh, elspeth ...

    Observe the everyday corruption of America rising to a level at which even Americans begin to notice it. :-)

    I hadn't appreciated the scale of the corruption, deception, and fraud below the water line in America until I'd been away for many years and returned to see it up close and personal.

    It's especially worse if you're trying to run a limited company (or LLC in US parlance) -- you soon learn what the costs of compliance and other things are after dealing with one of a number of government bureaucracies that typically see you as someone to be lifted up by the ankles and shaken vigorously for a few more coins.

    The thing is though that it's been better in Florida than it would have been living through Boris Johnson's Flying Medical Circus this year.

    But I have to admit that Bermuda's one year visa offer for around $270 for people who can "work remotely" was super-tempting, although we can't do it for several reasons.

    But we're considering skipping the house purchase now and moving into yet another rental on the basis that there may be a limited amount of time that America can metaphorically keep the lights on.

    I get why Americans don't want to live in "blue counties" anymore, and I've mentioned it elsewhere.

    America back in the 1960s through today has implemented the types of "containment theories" that were popular during the "Vietnam Era", such as those of George Kennan's "Long Telegram" written as "X" and the policies of NSC 68.

    And so when Americans encountered actual Socialists in their cities, they moved away from the cities and started new lives in the suburbs and rural areas, a movement that's amplifying again and reinforcing the containment of "blue counties".

    You will never hear this from an American who's lived in America his or her whole life because this viewpoint is only accessible by people who have lived as outsiders. Americans generally don't pay attention to the long symphonies of history and prefer a recent history jazz groove instead.

    You may as well play Paul Hardcastle's "19" as theme music for this, because Americans are still fighting "the Vietnam War" ...

  6. Big cities are more liberal everywhere. Unfortunately, it's also where the work is...

  7. There are some very conservative parts of London, both within the city centre districts and within the outer ring.

    I don't think anyone would confuse Hammersmith and Fulham for being a Labour stronghold, and that's definitely not the case for Chingford.

    But the problem I was getting at in America is that the forces of separation have been amplified, and over the past sixty years they've been amplified because of Socialist infiltration of the Democrats, Socialist infiltration of the civil rights movement, and so forth.

    Since Georgia has been the focus of some of this fraud and corruption lately because of the election, I decided to read a book about "white flight" out of Atlanta.

    My conclusion: those people back then weren't white people fleeing black people, they were white people fleeing other white people who had turned Socialist.

    The policies of the time increased crime among certain parts of the population to the extent that Atlanta was a less safe place to be than New York or Newark, New Jersey during the 1980s.

    That's why I stated that Americans never stopped fighting the "Vietnam War": the American soldiers who were brought back from that conflict came home only to discover the start of the "long march through the institutions" that had become a catchphrase for Socialism and Communism starting in 1967.

    Many Americans woke up to this fact and moved to the ring suburbs because as you noted, that's where the work is (or was), and it's easier than trying to fight the Socialists on increasingly devalued turf.

    The Internet's an interesting leveller in some ways, however: even in a semi-rural location, we were looking at houses that were already hooked up to 300 Mbps network service.

    In the nearby town, 930 Mbps is common.

    Plenty of people are going to be in the mood for moves away from "the HQ" or to companies that don't feel a need to enforce common seating arrangements within a metropolitan area.

    That's one reason we got away from Miami, other than the fact that we woke up to riots nearby one morning and to the realisation that we weren't in the mood to be negotiating with Socialists anymore.

    So we got off the X.

  8. I doubt socialism like in North Korea will ever be a problem in the USA. Those are fringe views cynically used by woke business to enforce the neoliberal globalist world order.