Wednesday, November 11, 2020

All Nice Things Come To An End

 We have been very busy lately, working in the house of my parents-in-law, hence the (relative) lack of posting. And now it's so far - the house is empty and bare, furniture, floors, ceilings...everything taken out. It's not home any more, just an average apartment. Today we said farewell to it and gave away our keys. Tomorrow the papers will be signed and it will go back to the housing company. My parents-in-law spent 58 happy years over there and now it's time to say good-bye. Honestly, it feels like a second funeral by some reason.

And here is something which I was thinking about. Houses should stay in the family. Of course, it was a rental, but even when it's someone's property, due to inheritance laws and taxes most houses nowadays get sold, and people will often change their houses during their lifetime, too, something my parents-in-law never did. We all have become quite nomadic, but is it a good thing? 

 If your adult child is single or widowed, it's not a bad idea to live all together. They can later play a caregiver's role and inherit the property. I actually heard of someone who was married with children and moved in with his widowed mother to help. After her death, they got the house. He doesn't have a mortgage to pay and his wife can stay home and be a mother. 

Modern way isn't always the best!


  1. Sanne

    I certainly understand how you feel at the moment. I do sometimes think of all of the strangers who now live in what were my families homes.

    That is an excellent suggestion you made at the end. I might do something with that!

    Mark Moncrieff

  2. Thank you, Mark!

    By some reason, it was very difficult for me. I understand that people are more important than things, but in the end I realised that I was quite attached to that house and had many remembrances connected to it.

    I still dream sometimes about my Granny's house that we sold long ago. The idea that we all should constantly move houses is quite new and especially good for the bankers who sell mortgages. Sometimes it's necessary of course, but probably not as often as we are led to believe.

  3. That would be all nice and lovely ... if I had nice and lovely memories of some parts of my family.

    Let's compare and contrast ...

    A sizeable amount to pay for repairs, maintenance, tax assessments, fines from the council, and so forth on top of some very bad memories?

    ... or ...

    Selling the bodged and overgrown mess to a developer who then replaced it with condominiums with reasonably attractive breeze blocks and a decent property plan for people taking public transport?

    It's perhaps a thing to consider again, but inheriting the mess was one thing I definitely wanted to go away.

    Having that property come into my ownership actually made me quite a bit poorer for a while.

    That's one huge reason I've been hesitant to buy a house.

    Also, never underestimate the need and desire to move away from Crap Towns, BTW.

  4. I guess it depends on where you live and what sort of property you inherit, and also how much nomad blood you have in your veins:) I wouldn't want to live in my parents-in-law house, but I will miss it.

    Plus, there is something romantic about a house which stays with the family for generations...

  5. My husband and I hope to live here in the same home we have lived in for about 40 years for the rest of our lives. It would break my heart to have to move. So many memories live here. We raised our kids here, and my husband and I have lived the greater part of our lives here in our house. I have never understood why some people like to move every few years.