Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Speaking Of Respect

I got this comment on one of my recent posts:

It would be nice if housewives were extended the same gracious acceptance of personal choice that other women are extended. (By Elspeth)

While it's bad enough in the USA or in my own country, it all pales in comparison to UK. BBC recently did a segment about a lady who chose to be a housewife and the reactions of woke twitter are well, judge for yourself:

I don't want to link to it directly because reasons. But if you don't care for reading through triggered progressives' diatribes, I'll post a summary:


Congratulations, Great Britain! Your progressives have officially reached the levels of insanity wokeness previously thought only possible in Sweden since staying home and taking care of your family now apparently equals being a Nazi.

Britain yes!


  1. I had to quit reading at this point:

    This is chilling. I am actually genuinely scared. The bbc. The actually bbc using white supremacy terms. Profiling white supremacist concepts, people and ideas. Do you have any idea what you are doing? Is this what you want to be?

    Are these people serious?? Of course they are. I always, always wonder where my black American family fits into these discussions when people start claiming that a stay-at-home wife and mother whose husband is the head of their home is somehow emblematic of "white supremacy".

    It's crazy. They are the ones who are "scary" and "chilling". As if Handmaid's Tale could ever become a reality in the 21st century west ( at least as I understand it since I've never read it nor watched it).

  2. You take the most flak when you're over the target ...

    Also, Glenn Reynolds is right: this iceberg's made of styro, and so 98% of the iceberg is visible.

    These people use terms like "scary" and "chilling" while referencing things they want to call "white supremacist" but aren't because they're essentially losers in the grand scheme of life.

    If they were capable of winning at least once at something meaningful to their own lives, they'd stop behaving like this.

    But it's like a philosopher who said about one group that you shouldn't take away the awkward remembrances and social posturing about their greatest defeat.

    That's all they really have.

    The ones who make threats of violence as well as death aren't as scary as one might think: once again, they're not really successful at being bullies or murderers, and a lot of what they wish to do amounts to wishing other people would do it for them.

    Back before these people would self-identify via Twitter and Facebook, my people would hand off a stack of the compositions from these "well-wishers" to the local constabulary every now and then so they could get anti-social behaviour orders on these people.

    "I am actually genuinely scared."

    No, this person isn't, it's a front, an eminence front, it's a put on, a put on ...

    But if you're such a loser that you can't actually win your fights, why not take the chance that there's someone out there who's gullible enough to fall for the pretence?

    "Is this what you want to be?"

    A person who shines klieg lighting on Internet bullies?

    Yes, I could live with it rather easily. :-)

  3. Elspeth, congratulations on joining the white supremacy club:)

    Calling someone a nazi nowadays is basically equal to calling someone a witch/heretic in the 16th century and they basically expect the same consequences should happen to their victims.

    I wouldn't call them losers, though. They are winning, unfortunately, and on many fronts. Just look how radicalised the public discourse has become in the last couple of years. Those "snowflakes" often have the positions of relative (soft) power within the media and academia, while their victims often have a working class background like this lady whose father was a postman (I think) and who grew up in a single mother household. Wasn't there a case some time ago of a poor black guy in America who wrote something online in support of Trump, was doxxed and lost his job? These people are dangerous and they hate anyone who disagrees with their dogma.

    1. Sanne: "Elspeth, congratulations on joining the white supremacy club:)"

      … along with Candice Owens.

  4. I recall Nazis being "Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeitenpartei". So it is beyond me how could any TradCon be Nazi, since we most certainly are not socialists?

    It is interesting that nowadays all sorts of perverted sexual things are concidered ok: stragulation seems to be rather mainstream and fetishism is no longer an anomaly and in ICD/DMS.

    But when somenone chooses to submit to her self-chosen husband out of her own free will - well, aint that crazy!

  5. It is also sweet how concerned commenters always are "What about if your husband suddenly drops dead?" Because obviously we TradCons are so stupid we cannot foresee that possibility and have a blan B...

  6. Housewife,

    Also, I don't know about UK, but most other European countries, including Norway have widow pensions, and if you have minor children they are quite ample, too, and even include education costs.