Monday, January 6, 2020

New Year New Project

I'm quite proud of myself on the account of the two new aprons I made last Friday, using the idea and instructions from this book:

which I had featured in one of my previous posts. I simplified her original design a bit and my ties are shorter than hers

partly by necessity as I didn't have enough fabric (and had to use two pieces sewn together for the band) and also because I don't really care for such long ties anyway. The fabric actually comes from Aldi and was prepackaged. 2 meters was enough for 2 aprons which are slightly different, as you can see:

I used the original sizes, but you easily could make it longer if you wished to.

Here is a picture of the 2nd one:

Inspired by my success, I'm now planning another project!

Also: it's Epiphany today.


  1. Happy New Year, Sanne!

    The aprons are lovely.

  2. Thanks, Elspeth! Happy New Year!!!

  3. Love the aprons. I especially like that you reversed the fabrics for a different look.
    Happy sewing!

  4. Thanks, Magnolia! You are actually supposed to use three different types of fabric for one apron, since I had this craft package from Aldi with 2 types of patterns I just used them.

  5. That kind of aprons are so pretty. But I must wear those bigger ones, you know, those that have panel covering your chest and tie around your neck. Otherwise I get my shirt dirty all the time.

  6. Yes, that's a standard sort you can buy in the store but I never use this panel anyway cause don't like it:) So her model was just fine for me.