Monday, November 11, 2019

Is It The End Of YouTube?

YouTube is probably over.

I wonder if we all should switch to BitChute instead.


  1. I've noticed that Youtube videos are coming with an increasing amount of ads. They are trying to make it more profitable which, in turn, suggests things are not so rosy in Google-land. The demise of Youtube should probably be considered a bellweather for the future of Google itself.

  2. Yes, I've noticed it, too, but I have always assumed that it's up to you to decide whether you want to have ads on your channel or not? Some folks I follow have no ads at all, so they probably are first candidates for deletion. I wonder whether BitChute will really take over from this point, right now it mostly has some weird personalities and I can never find anything unless someone places a direct link but there is definitely room for improvement + they don't censor.

  3. It is a good idea to do so.

    Ever since YouTube started putting in advertising into their site (it was a few years after its launch), that was the mark of a decline of what it used to be. It was tolerable (at best) or annoying (at worst), thanks to skipping ads so that we can finally get to watching the videos. It got more frustrating when Google bought YouTube a few years later (when it wanted to merge your Google account with your YouTube account). Then after 2016 (this also goes for the rest of big tech), things were noticably falling apart: It became more intrusive and authoritarian to the point that they aren't hiding it anymore--Cancelling conservative channels and voices specifically (including non-conservatives who simply associated with them for interviews for example) and "non-woke"/anti-PC voices from any side being demonetized or terminated without reason, not to mention YouTube's fudging around with search results, subscription numbers, and algorithms. They also push things that aren't interesting, stimulating, or valuable (even things that don't seem right to some) onto viewers to the point that they blatantly try to indoctrinate you (as a response, the videos get 'ratioed' with more dislikes than likes). There were talks about how it could be more like TV as its outcome. It lost the viewers and pandered to mainstream media as a result.

    People are growing tired of YouTube, and they are finding other means of entertainment and broadcast, the same way that people unplugged their television and went to the computer years ago.

    I wonder what would happen to those that do have channels but don't make or upload videos...Will they get deleted too?

  4. Yes, they were doing shenanigans with dissident vids several years ago already, like you'd watch one and it says 10k watched it and then you click again and the views are down to 5k. And now they are just deleting channels left and right, for any reason. It's a pity because YouTube used to be a good alternative for the TV. It definitely went downhill after Google got it, but may be I shouldn't criticise them too loud since my blog is from Google, too:)

    I think what bothers them the most are woke comments on official propaganda videos...