Sunday, November 3, 2019

An Ideal Girlfriend?

Advice for men from Roosh:

What do you all think? I guess not everyone will be on board with his religion, but a girl who is modest, devote, loves to bake, respects her elders and dreams of being a mother is quite a catch nowadays:)


  1. I wonder how Roosh feels about his past nowadays? Or does he still continue his old ways with women?

    That meme should go: "all this and brains, too". Marrying stupid women is hardly ever a good idea.

    Now excuse me, I have some cookies to bake and dinner to prepare for my husband. :)

  2. I'm not really following him, but from what I understand, he is quite repentant of his past and preaches chastity. He lost his younger sister to cancer a couple of years ago and it pretty much changed his whole life. I can relate as I, too, became serious about my Christianity after burying someone who was younger than myself at that time (21). Once you realise your own mortality you are bound to search for the higher meaning in your life. No atheists in the foxholes and all that...

  3. I agree that a girl who is devout, modest, chaste, a good cook and desires motherhood is a good catch. I just don't think, as you well noted, that most men (including Christian men) require that particular religious flavor.