Thursday, October 3, 2019

When Propaganda Backfires

Check this tweet and watch the video, it's hilarious:

Satire Gone Wrong

Unfortunately I can't embed tweets on Blogger...


  1. Now that was hilarious. How come they did not realise what they did?

  2. That is funny! I loved being a "stay-at-home" mom, and not at the beck and call of an employer. Before I had our first child I worked as an Executive Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer of a paint manufacturing company. There were times when we had to stay late to get a financial report finished. The feeling was "this is life or death!" Wrong! We weren't doing brain surgery, or at the front lines of a battle in a war. That's where life or death happens, not in an accounting office; no one would die if we didn't finish the report until the next day. Good grief!

    I liked being in charge of choosing my own tasks for each day and making our home a place of happy memories and traditions. Our five are all adults now and we enjoy reminiscing together of the fun things we did and the delicious meals we ate, the traditions we created, and the life skills they learned.

  3. Housewife, I guess affirmative action employees aren't the best and brightest:)

    Keep in mind ladies, that British middle class women traditionally did very little at home as they had always used household help quite abundantly. The only thing they had to do was really just BLEEP their husbands once in a while and produce a couple of kids. They were really done a number on:)

    1. Apparently even spinsters had domestic help, if one is to believe Ms. Marple -books. She always has a maid AND gardener comes couple of times a week. She loves gardening and yet nobody thinks she should do her own shoveling.

      Feminists were incredible stupid and ruined everything.

      Rozy Lass: I also worked on accounting department and remember that "Doomsday" -attitude every time we had to do bigger reports!

    2. And before someone comes with a story about how poor women all worked in the fields, here is a 1938 UK vid about harvest which shows that women's role in harvesting was bringing tea to their husbands:)

  4. WAS it satire? Sounded completely on point to me. How badly they bungled that, LOL!

  5. Dear Sanne

    Wow that is brilliant!

    Mark Moncrieff

  6. I'm glad you all enjoyed it! May be they themselves weren't exactly sure what they meant:)