Thursday, October 24, 2019

What We Did Yesterday

We tried this out:

The end result was quite good:) Anyway, it's a much better way to spend your evening than sitting in front of a TV.


  1. Love the cookware & fire tools. We haven't watched TV since the 90s. Maybe that's why we we're a bit odd.

    1. We stopped watching TV in 1990, so I guess we're odd too. Haven't felt we missed much either.

  2. Looks tasty. It is a better way to spend the evening. I agree...

  3. We recently had a whole lot of trees taken down in our back yard; we love trees, but these were mostly junk trees and all in the wrong places. We're going to replant a few where we want them. I told my husband that another feature I want out there is a firepit. I think it would be great fun during our family reunion week to have one.

  4. Ladies, thanks for the comments! I got a recipe book together with my "witch's pot" and tomorrow we are planning to try another one. Sitting around fire has something primeval about it and is lots of fun:)

  5. My husband loves cooking on open fire.

    I can't believe it is still warm enough to wear what you are wearing in that picture! We just got the first snow this morning. It did melt away during the day, but snow is snow.

  6. Saturday it was +18*C till late in the evening! Sunday the wind changed and it got quite cold. But we aren't expecting any snow as of yet:)

    My husband loved it, too...