Friday, August 10, 2018

Housekeeping Resources

One of the most famous and comprehensive ones is FlyLady. It tells you precisely what to do and when to do it (and how long) and in general, reads like something out of the 1950s (or, at least, 1970s). Though I have little doubt that some "working women" use it as well, it has nothing about "going out to work" in its daily routines.

I wonder, do any of my readers use it?

P.S. We are going away tonight till Sunday, to try out our tent. I'll be online, but "less". Have a great weekend!


  1. I agree flylady is very helpful. I will be writing about it on my own blog eventually. It got me motivated in the middle of a mess where I did not know where to turn to get started logically again keeping house in a way that made sense. The technique flylady uses is to do small things in the house daily, such as essential things in the kitchen and bathroom, every day, and that kind of launches you into cleaning up the rest of the house. Once the daily work is memorized and yu find yourself automatically doing it, you get into doing other things, erstwhile keeping up the daily routine. It has helped me so much, and it keeps me busy and keeps me from developing anxiety, because i know I am making progress. I would suggest going to the flylady website and reading about the daily routine. It is like having a homemaker coach, and she does provide personal coaching for a small price. i would suggest going to the site and printing out the routines and zones, rather than getting the daily emails, which are full of ads for the cleaning tools. you can sign up for a weekly email if you like. i highly recommend flylady.

  2. Yes, it's true! It's a homemaker coach service and the lady earned millions providing it. And they say homemaking is a thing of the past:) The reality, as usual, is different from fake news.

  3. I began using the Side tracked home executives in 1998 and also read through the Flylady book. I have probably 10 books on organizing homemaking days and cleaning so I don't subscribe wholly to any one idea. Flylady sent so many e-mails when I first started that I became distracted! I didn't need to be reminded to clean the sink after it became a habit; maybe it is different now. After habits are formed then a person needs very few reminders.


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