Thursday, August 2, 2018

Escaping The Modern World

Have you ever thought of running become a housewife???

Here is one lady's testimony:

Running Away To Become A Housewife

Also, if you want to reduce your chances of divorce, it's a wise thing to stay out of debt:

1in 8 divorces caused by student loans

(h/t to Captain Capitalism)


  1. Regarding the student loans putting couples at risk for divorce...there is so much missing from this article to explain WHY it's putting the stresses on marriages. What schools did these couples go to? What degrees did they get? (Liberal Arts? Humanities? etc. from an expensive private university for some type of vague career path?) We've been preached to so long that we much "go to a good school" and "get a degree" that we forget that these loans need to paid back whether we have good jobs, or not which is more likely in the job market nowadays. So many well paying skilled vocational careers have countless openings but everyone's darlings are too good for those type of jobs, right? (Look up Mike Rowe and his mikeroweWORKS foundation.) Anyway, I get your reason for pointing this out, but there's a lot missing from this article. I went to college and earned a degree I'm still paying on, even though I've gone on to be a stay at home mom, but I borrowed only what I needed and I went to a local university, and a junior college before that to cut my costs. I now pay a very small amount every month that has NEVER put a strain on my marriage. People need to understand that the student loan industry and higher education institutions are in the business of making money just like every other business. The monthly payments for student loan needs to be considered just like you would taking out a loan for a house or a car. If you can't afford to go to Harvard, them's the breaks. Find a more affordable school and have a life after college.

  2. I wonder if there are cheaper options in the USA? I know there are in my country. I'm glad that I received an education but it was paid by my father.

    Student loans are becoming a problem over here, so much that they recently changed a marriage law so that you don't marry in full communion of goods unless you specifically wish to. Full communion means that the couple share everything, even things acquired BEFORE marriage, which means that if a divorce happens, spouses will share each other's debts made prior to getting married.

    I asked my husband what he thought about it and he said he wouldn't want to marry a girl with lots of debt in full communion. Not taking huge amounts of debt which is difficult to repay is a financially prudent thing to do, imo.