Monday, June 18, 2018

Some Thoughts On MGTOW

or "men going their own way."

I'd like to put a disclaimer first that personally I don't subscribe to the idea that every single man has "a duty to marry." I also don't believe that MGTOWs present any serious threat to marriage in general, like some on the right state. Most men will continue seeking women to create a family with since it's a law of biological attraction. Also, some of these guys come across as closet cases, they wouldn't be marrying a female  anyway.

This said, there is something I find funny about this whole "movement". For the men going their own way, some of them sure spend an inordinate amount of time obsessing about women. I mean, you would think that a man like this would pursue hobbies and use his free time to do things he enjoys instead of *itching about women on the internet.

 Imagine Person A and Person B (a self-proclaimed MGTOW) having a dialog about recent events:

 Person A: There is a threat of WWIII starting!

Person B: Women!

A: Mid-Eastern situation is currently very unstable...

B: Women!

A: There is a conflict brewing in the South China Sea.

B: Women!

A: Trade wars are heating up.

B: Women!

A: Europe is dealing with a migrant crisis...

B: Women! Women! Women!

A: The president has just declared war on...

B: Yeah, but have you heard what this woman said on the internet yesterday???

(OK, I made the last one up as you understand)

Methinks, this rather unhealthy obsession with women is hardly going their own way.
Any thoughts? 


  1. Housewife OutdoorsJune 18, 2018 at 3:12 AM

    I agree with you so much.

    In my opinion, real men who really go their own way are like my hubby: I am sure he doesn't even know that men's right movement, MGTOW -movement and such exist. Because he actually spents very little time online. He has better things to do, life to live, hobbies, family, etc. Fishes to catch and game to kill. ;)

    In my opinion real men focus on their own thing, not on whining in internet.

    I find these MGTOW- men quite as repulsive as I find feminist men. And they really are the same: obsessed about women. It's like what we talked about minimalism still being about things. MGTOW and Gamers und such -it is still all about women.

  2. Your husband is a lot like mine:)

    That said, there are many men who blog/tweet about the problems of modernity which by necessity will include the Woman Question, but unlike (some) MGTOWs, they don't exclusively blog about women. Take VD, for instance, who is an outspoken antifeminist, and yet most of his blog posts are about other topics.