Sunday, June 10, 2018

Equal Pay For Equal Work?

This masterpiece is from DailyMail:

 For centuries, women have been experts at juggling their relationships, careers, children, health and home all at once.

(Just think of all these 13th century career women, working for some multinational. It will warm your heart! Certainly did mine.)

The weight of maintaining this balancing act has increased exponentially over the past two decades,

What could be the reason, after these centuries of juggling, I wonder??? the point that more women than ever are reporting feelings of exhaustion, anxiety and depression.

 Why would it be so??? With all this fun stuff supposedly going on at the office? Read further and you'll know the answer!

A study published by the Australian National University found that the healthy working week for women should be limited to 34 hours, compared to 47 hours for men.

First they told us we are all equal. Now, it's:

'impossible for women to work [the] long hours often expected by employers unless they compromise their health.'

I'm getting rather confused at this point.

So what's the reason behind it all? Could it be that men and women are different? No, of course not, you bigot:

These findings reflect the outside-of-work hours that women lose to traditional domestic responsibilities and care-giving duties.

Men who live alone have "domestic responsibilities", too. They can also be caregivers to their elderly parents, e.g.  Many modern women hardly do anything at home, either, so why this victim mentality? There are also day cares, cleaning services, takeouts and other modern inventions created to make life of working folks easier. Apparently, it's still not enough, though.

Experts recommend that women should work shorter hours in order to compensate for the unpaid jobs they do every single day.
In order to achieve gender equality, working hour limits must be lowered. 

Thus working less hours than men  makes women equal to men. Can you still follow it? By the way, many married women already work part-time, by choice.So what's the point the researchers are trying to make?

In the meantime, Professor Strazdins is calling for fair reward for women who are working close to or above a 38-hour working week. 

Again, I'm puzzled: does she (I think it's a she but not sure) want to say that women should work 13 hours less than their male colleagues so that they could do housekeeping but get paid the same?What's in it for the men? Or will female employees clean their male colleagues' houses, too, while men pick up their slack at the working place? Sounds weird.

Yet, if you as a woman just choose to stay home, raise your family and mind your own business, they'll call you names like sinister,” “authoritarian,” “hyper-feminine,” “racist,” “abhorrent,” ‘red-lipsticked,” “lunatic” “white supremacist”

It's all about choice, as long as it's politically correct, of course. 


  1. Housewife OutdoorsJune 11, 2018 at 4:47 AM

    Oh my word. Parody horizon has been crossed again. It is a good thing Monty Python is dead. He would suffer so, since making a parody of modern life is becoming quite hard! It is nothing but parody anymore...

    Well, maybe I should think positive: they are starting to realize that women truly are the "weaker vessel", when it comes to working outside the home.

  2. Unless someone in the position of real power in the West stands up and declares that the king is naked, the war on reality (and biology) will continue, I'm afraid...