woensdag 11 april 2018

Housekeeping Basics

With Grandma Griffith:

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  1. I was encouraged by watching this. Is she thebladynthst used to be a lawyer? I remember in a book she wrote how she said housework and home management was much more challenging and required a lot more intellect.

  2. No I don't think it's the same lady. Her tips are very helpful though, especially about the bed and dishes:)

  3. I do this first three faithfully. But I do laundry only once a week. Maybe if I had a laundry room that was right off the kitchen I could do it everyday. But mine is miles away in the basement and if I did one load a day, I'd forget about it while I was doing other things. While the laundry is going I'm ironing, mending, etc. In other words, Laundry day is really a "taking care of clothes day." I make sure everyone had enough underwear to get through the week and when I do laundry I do it to done: washed, dried, folded and put away. But everyone is different and has different needs and desires. There isn't one correct way to do household work.

  4. I do laundry once and sometimes twice a week, because we don't have that much laundry, and our washing machine is big and European washing machines have long cycles, like 3 hours. It's not economical for me to wash every day.

    I agree that you should adjust your housekeeping according to your needs, yet there are things which simply have to happen, like making your bed:)


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