Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Daycares Don't Care

Leave your baby in the daycare, dear lady and go work on your career. Nothing can happen, right?

Kansas day care accused of "tying down" infants

"When I first saw it, I didn't really think it was her. I had to look at it for a couple minutes before I believed," Engle said.

The baby was face-down and wrapped in a sleep sack, which was tied tight with a ponytail holder. And she allegedly wasn't the only child tied down at Miss Anne's Childcare and Learning Center in Leavenworth – several parents received heart-stopping calls from Kansas DCF in late March...
Tanya, who asked Fox News not share her last name, said she was also contacted. At first, the organization asked if she liked the day care and wanted her thoughts on the "sleeping situation" in the infant room. Minutes later, they revealed the real reason they were calling: her 9-month-old was also tied up with a hair tie during nap time.

"The ponytail holder on his back makes it so he can't roll over," Tanya, a mother of four, explained. "He's on his stomach. He should have been laid on his back."

The restraint prevents the child from protecting himself if he spits up or can't breathe, Tanya explained. He wouldn't be able to turn himself to a safe position.

"My son could have died that day," Tanya said.

Engle echoed Tanya's concerns, "Imagine being tied in a way that wouldn't allow you to move muscles you are just learning to move, and not being able to communicate your distress. It's heartbreaking."

I fully agree that it's heartbreaking when a child so small is separated from his mother on a daily basis...


  1. "I fully agree that it's heartbreaking when a child so small is separated from his mother on a daily basis..."

    Me too! I've never understood why women have children if they are not going to stay home and take care of them, nurture and teach them; and especially enjoy all their "firsts" with them at the moment they happen. I could no more have left our precious children with someone else than cut off my own arm. I'm so old-fashioned! Before we ever married, I made it clear to my husband that when I became a mother I'd be staying home with the children. He worried about not making ends meet without two incomes. I reassured him that I knew how to live on one income and that it was more important to me to be home than to have fancy things.

    Yes, living is more expensive in some ways than when my mother was raising a family in the 50's thru the 70's, but it's mostly just taxes, rather than the actual prices of goods; which is all the more reason to stay out of debt and live with less of what the advertisers tell we need.

    Thanks for continuing to be a voice for housekeeping, motherhood and the old-fashioned values.

  2. A relative of mine was a child care worker, while some are reckless, most try their best. She said that while she enjoyed being with the children, the level of care they received was nowhere near what a dedicated mother, one on one, could give. Child care workers are underpaid and overstressed since they aren't really supposed to be looking after /that/ many children.

    She's seen mothers coming in and crying when told that they missed their baby's first walk. First word. Sometimes the child care workers might even record it if possible and send it to the Mum at work. How sad and wrong.

  3. Rosy, you are welcome!

    Many people (women) will say they are doing it for money. I know for sure that in my country, it's still possible to stay home for one parent (mother) but you'll often have to sacrifice things like a big house (which is nowadays considered a must) and vacations. Also, lots of folks have no concept whatsoever of money saving or budgeting. I often notice it when shopping as folks buy alcohol, countless bottles of lemonade, candy and chips and other expensive but totally unnecessary and nutritionless foods.

    Now about other countries like the USA, I don't know. May be, life there is so expensive as many people state. What I do know is that a mother could try to take at least a couple of years off, till preschool. A 6 mos old baby can't even complain if things are going wrong.

    Another ridiculous idea is that babies are apparently supposed to be "tough" and putting them in full time day care when they are 3 mos old will make them so. I was speechless...Glad my parents didn't neglect me.

  4. Oh my that is heartbreaking. I work in a family care center and I can assure you they are not all like that. My children are grown and since it is just my husband and I at home I enjoy getting to go to work with children that I love so much and bring in some money which we need to get by. When my daughters were young I stayed at home with them and I thank God every day that I was able to do that. It's just heartbreaking when children are abused or mistreated.

  5. Of course, not all day-cares are bad. Many are actually quite decent. It doesn't change the fact that small children (I'd say until at least about 3) should ideally be in the care of their own mothers.