Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Working Mothers Produce Mentally Ill Children

Before you start throwing stones, that's not me saying it, that's an article from Daily Mail:

A leading psychotherapist has warned that mothers who return to work too soon after having babies are damaging their children's mental health. 

Who would have thunk!

In a video for the New York Post, Erica Komisar revealed how she's seen an 'epidemic level of mental disorders in very young children', which she puts down to the 'devaluing of mothering in society'. 

The author of Being There, Why Prioritizing Motherhood in the First Three Years Matters explained that babies experience a rush of cortisol and a great deal of stress when they're away from their mothers.

It's almost like babies need their own mothers, what a radical concept...

'Our society tells women go back to work, do what you want, they (kids) 'll be ok,' she explained. 'But they're not OK... I was actually seeing an epidemic level of mental disorders in very young children who were being diagnosed and medicated at an earlier and earlier age. 

Well, at least someone makes money out of it which causes GDP growth. It's an ill wind and all that.

Referencing research on attachment that's been done since the '60s, she said the only thing that reduces stress for babies is when their mothers return. 

How unenlightened of them. More should be done to educate babies about Women's Rights!

'I still say daycare is my least favourite option,' she said. 'You're taking a very young baby and exposing them to a great deal of stimulation and a great deal of fear. 
'When you take them out of their immediate environment and put them in a group with a lot of stimulation and a lot of people that's not the natural environment for babies.'

The lady therapist has a lot of nerve to utter statements about what is natural and what is not in the current year. Heaven knows what she'll say next if given a chance. 
If you are away from your child during the day, Erica suggested two key strategies in the evening to try and offset some of the damage.  
She said that all distractions should be 'put in a basket', so that you don't look at phones, tablets or other gadgets while spending time with your child. 

Well, you see, now she's actually shaming women for using social media. How can they keep in touch with their 1000+ Facebook friends and follow the celebrity stories if forced to spend time with their babies in the evening???

Erica did not put the blame on women for feeling forced to return to work, arguing that the role of motherhood is not values by society. 

Because obviously full time mothers are shirking their duty to economy, banks and corporations. When they drop out of the workforce, GDP shrinks like 20% for each of them. It's practically High Treason what they are doing...

'When we give mothers the option of being home in the first three years we increase the emotional security and reduce mental disorders.

I remember that women once used to have this option. It was called One Income/Traditional Family but luckily we've progressed past all that.

'On a societal level we need to recognise mothers work is valuable work. We emphasise material success and professional achievement, but there is no more valuable or more important work.'
The one who dies with the most toys, wins, is a good summary of the priorities of an average modern Westerner. May be they should start getting buried/cremated with all their gadgets like the heathen kings of old?


  1. Hard biological reality as usual interferes with the wishful thinking.

  2. Here in Finland mothers usually spend 9 months with the baby. But feminists are trying to change the law so that it can mother OR father who stay's at home with the baby. Because who need's breastfeeding anyway?

    Society also supports families if mother or father wants to stay home until the child is three. But most parents choose to go back to work as soon as possible because money is so much more entertaining than your kids.

  3. I used to be against a long maternity leave since the idea was it would encourage women to go back to work instead of quitting. But now since they all keep working anyway I'm not so sure. WHO says you must breastfeed exclusively for at least 6 mos, kinda hard to do eat with the leave of ab.3 mos after birth. There is something incredibly perverse in destroying the unique bond between the mother and the baby which even animals possess. In fact,a saying comes to mind, I think from Gone With The Wind: a cat would be a better mother...

  4. Yes, it is from Gone With the Wind.

    I wonder why people have children in the first place if they don't want to be with them? I hear many women saying that they almost went crazy during their 9 month maternity leave.

  5. Motherhood is devalued nowadays and women who stay home are often ridiculed. Unfortunately, many women are herd creatures, they follow the trends. They will repeat the same stuff they heard someone utter on the telly or Facebook. If staying home suddenly became fashionable, you'd see all these women suddenly talking how much they enjoy it. That's why it's important to try and reverse the trend and offer support to full time homemakers, or at least, to show that the alternative exists.

  6. But yes, motherly instinct is biological, there is something seriously wrong with our society if so many women lack it. In the times past a baby whose mother was neglectful would probably not survive at all.

  7. Yes I too am very surprised when young mothers choose to go back to work before the end of their 3 month maternity leave. They said they missed their friends at work too much. Also it was boring at home. After they did the housework they had nothing to do. They had never had time off like that before and had never learned to entertain themselves or had any hobbies. I would think a new baby with all its demands and getting over childbirth would have been enough to could that make you bored. tired....but bored?
    Parents who work and have children who are bused to school can choose to have their children stay at school till way after school and do their homework then. We see school buses bring children home after dark. When a couple works they say they don't usually eat supper till 7 or later. Then bath for the children and bed. When do they get to be together? Parents and kids are on their phones or devices even during dinner when we see them at restaurants. No one is even talking to each other! Add to that homework and activities as the child gets older and less one on one time unless the parents help with these activities. It is just sad. Sarah

  8. Sarah, as always, great insight. You know, they say criminals have difficulty adjusting to normal society after doing their time, because they get accustomed to be institutionalised; well, it's nearly the same stuff with women who get accustomed to working full time and never having any relationships with people except on the company floor.