Monday, March 5, 2018

5 Reasons To Wear Dresses


  1. I actually prefer skirt+shirt more than dress. With my bodybuild it is incredibly difficult to find fitting dresses. Well, I have some "church pajamas" aka maxi dresses because they usually fit better. But skirt+shirt is more versatile and also means less loundry. Skirts never get dirty or sweatty, but if you were dress, the upper part of it relly needs to be washed all the time.

    1. To be honest I am wearing yoga pants at the moment. :)

  2. I think it depends on the climate? I myself wear more dresses in summer than in winter. Because for winter I have nice wooly skirts but I can't wear a dress that warm at home where it's 19 degrees. In summer it's kinda convenient not to think twice about what top to wear. But actually, I like both.

  3. I think she has an interesting channel tho. With a bit of vintage flair.

  4. I love this lady! I don't watch any Youtube channels anymore, but hers looks great! And it's things I'm interested in. Thanks for sharing!

    My reason for wearing only dresses or skirts: my figure. With a long stride, wearing pants is so uncomfortable. Dresses are great, but like you, Sanne and Outdoors, skirts are great for versatility/weather.

  5. You are welcome! Yes, her channel is very cute. I also think that skirts and especially dresses are more comfortable than pants.