Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Real Housewives Of America

A new generation has grown up and quite a few young women choose to stay home, with or without children. Being more media-savvy, they popularise their lifestyle on YouTube, like this lady who in this particular video describes her favourite household products, but also makes one- day-in- your- life kind of videos, gives advice on budgeting, meal planning etc.

Another recent video features a young African-American lady explaining why she chose to be a housewife even without kids. She makes a good point that if you are home you'll have time to help your distant family, like your aunts and nieces, something which used to be considered normal, but not anymore since family ties are getting weaker.

This young wife explains what housewives without children do all day (it's not eating bonbons!)

Another housewife explains her choices in this short video, and, of course, there are plenty of young mothers sharing tips, like this and encouraging each other. 

The real housewives of America aren't some lazy gold-digging brats but nice, intelligent, hard-working women who are simply not so driven to compete in the work world but like to take care of their homes and families and they want their choices to be respected. There is nothing wrong about that!


  1. Hello Sanne. Thank you for these links. I'm especially looking forward to watching the ones from housewives without children.

    I don't comment on your blog often but do read it regularly. Keep up the good work. :-)

  2. Lady,you are welcome! The young woman from the first link is currently expecting but she's been a housewife for something like 4 years before she got pregnant. You should check her day-in-life videos where she's doing her housework, they are very cute.

  3. Thanks for the links. I, too allways appreciate other childfree housewifes coming out of the closet so to speak...

    I really feel that the tide is turning. More and more women have noticed that feminism has betrayed us. Well, not here in Finland (or other Nordic Countries), unfortunately, but in America and in other Europian countries.

    What I do not like is that so many women in blogs and on videos try to "legitimate" their being buy telling how busy housewifes are and how we are not lazy. We shouldn't need to do that. Even if some housewife was lazy, if her husband is happy with that it should be nobody elses business.

    I want my home to be a place of silent contemplation and such. Me being very busy would totally ruin the athmosphere. In my opinion the whole point in being a homemaker is not to be busy. How could you make your home a safe and tranquil haven if you feel busy doing it?

  4. You are welcome! I think young women who are recently married and don't have children yet, feel a lot of peer pressure about going to work, plus at this age they are full of energy and naturally seek to do more at home, to try new things etc. Another group experiencing peer pressure are women with grown children or older teenagers, and I hope that they find these videos helpful as well as they demonstrate that homemaking has many aspects besides care of very small children.