Tuesday, May 23, 2017

R.I.P. Manchester

Well, it didn't last long...

Which European country will it be next time?


  1. It might not be a European country. The entire world is now susceptible to this lunacy.

  2. And a freaking Ariana Grande concert too! I mean, an event meant for mainly young people to have fun! How awful and even an 8 year old killed. But I saw a bunch of un-PC comments on news articles about this event, so most of the people are not fooled it's hopefully only a matter of time before this political correctness crap goes away.

    I also saw comments about how Ariana should die just because she licked a donut once and said she hated america- a comment taken out of context and what was she like 19 when she said it? I mean, come on people.

  3. I remember going to a pop concert when I was a teenager and the last thing on my mind was that someone might blow us all to bits! How awful what young people today have to deal with in all areas of life. I'm glad I'm not a teenager these days. And worse many adults think they have it "easy." No, young people don't. They don't have the same future prospects I feel like we had even a decade ago.