Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Lies Moderns Believe

What MSM has been telling you vs truth.

"If you love someone set them free." This used to discourage mate guarding and fleeing temptation. Apparently, your marriage will only get better if either of the spouses will regularly spend weekends (binge) drinking with friends of both sexes (oops, not sure whether it's allowed to say any more), and if you object, you are a caveman. Of course, we've all heard that alcohol lowers inhibitions and that one tends to get attached to those one spends a lot of time with, but really, who will you believe, some relationship expert or your lying eyes???

The same is, of course, true about people spending too much work time with each other, and in less enlightened times they used to joke about the (male) boss and his (female) secretary, doctors and nurses etc, but it's doubleplusungood to notice it now. What are you, some sort of Taliban ISIS?

Which takes me to my next point. It was a big success of the enemies of tradition to teach people to see everything as black and white. 1950s Euro/American society had traditional sex roles and was nothing at all like Taliban yet that's exactly who you get compared to if you object to mothers working. Same with modesty. Western women used to look modest without wearing a black tent over their heads, yet if one objects to half-nude females even in the formal or sacred settings (like church) he gets accused of wishing to force women to wear burkas. On the other hand, people who object to unlimited immigration from countries where it's well, traditional, for women to wear these styles are all Hitlernazywhatever.

So you have lie number three: if you don't agree with certain things or even slightly deviate from the current party line, you are a hater who is apparently planning to commit genocide. Again, there are no degrees, simple disapproval apparently equals murder in progressive eyes. Again, common sense should be able to tell you that it's just ridiculous. Disliking certain people or disagreeing with someone's opinions or disapproving certain lifestyle choices doesn't at all mean that you are planning their extermination.

Speaking about love, here is lie number four: sexual desire or having sex with someone means love and love is the highest virtue so don't you dare to question me! Love can certainly have a sexual component, but lust doesn't equal love. Love, properly speaking, is first, attachment, and second, wishing good for the person you love. Taking care of them, this sort of thing. Mothers generally love their children. Children love their parents. It doesn't mean, well you know.

This one was/is used to undermine parental authority as well. If the parents object to the dates/prospective spouses their children bring home, they are accused of "hate". And we know that "haters" are all genocidal maniacs at heart, don't we? Well, guess what? Not wishing that your daughter dates a certain category of men doesn't mean that you hate them or wish them any harm. I guess there are more lies we have been spoon-fed but those seem to be the most persistent and the most pernicious, because most people are decent, kind people who don't wish any harm to anyone and thus are easily browbeaten into submission when accused of hatred and various -isms. Just don't fall for it any more, and remember, you don't stand alone!


  1. Sanne

    How true!

    What they do not realise is that they are creating the very things that they say they hate. If not liking immigration makes someone a hater, then why not really hate?

    What reason is there to hold back?

    It is also truly amazing how people cannot tell the difference between love and lust!

    Mark Moncrieff

  2. If everybody you disagree with is Hitlernazy, then no one really is. At some point people simply stop caring and yes, in the very end it can create exactly what so-called "experts" declare that they want to prevent by calling people names.

  3. I'm afraid Christian churches are at fault, too, as they have long promoted the cult of "nice" and interpreted Biblical passages about hate as disliking someone which is not at all true. When you read old Bible commentaries, you'll see that "hatred" meant not just dislike or disagreement but the passion strong enough to make you want to murder someone. So correctly speaking, yes, real hatred is a prerequisite for murder, however, it's not the same thing as having a relative you can't stand, or disagreeing with a political opinion, or even disliking a certain category of people.

  4. Progs have no arguments, so they smear.

    Alas, it's all too often an effective tactic.

    But the election of Trump has shown the limits of progs' effectiveness; Trump's election was a backlash against political correctness, etc.

  5. What's now happening in US is truly bizarre, though:) I've never seen anything like it.

  6. Indeed, we haven't seen anything like this before, because we have two unprecedented situations at work there:

    (a) An administration which is so hated by the entrenched bureaucracy, the Deep State, that the Deep State is actively, openly, trying to undermine and if possible overthrow, and
    (b) Said administration is the most bumbling, incoherent, incompetent, self-defeating administration ever, due to the hubristic narcissism of the president, who thinks he knows everything and refuses to listen to advice, and who has surrounded himself with other jokers AND enemies trying to undermine him as well.

  7. One is tempted to say they brought it upon themselves but when I look at our current leaders I think who am I to judge...