Thursday, March 2, 2017

Women Won't Fight Your Battles For You

The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man...there shall not be upon her any "instrument of a man"..., any utensil of his which he makes use of in his trade and business; as if she was employed in it, when her business was not to do the work of men, but to take care of her house and family...and the word also signifies armour...and so here forbids women putting on a military habit and going with men to war...

Here is a novel idea for all the keyboard warriors who, while doing nothing in real life themselves expect women to man the barricades and defeat feminism: traditional women generally aren't the type to go out and fight. They are too busy taking care of their families and keeping the home fires burning, and what's more, a traditional husband most probably won't like his wife getting involved in political battles of any kind. I seldom post anything overtly political on this blog exactly by this reason: my husband asked me not to do it and especially, avoid certain topics.

A Christian traditional wife believes in being a keeper at home, not a social reformer. She won't fight your battles for you so don't hold your breath.  In general, there is a certain weakness in any man who expects a woman/women to fix society. One would expect it from liberals since they believe in egalitarianism, but anyone who claims to support patriarchal institutions should know better.

Traditional women do their part by being good daughters, wives and mothers and living a counter-cultural life which does take a lot of courage nowadays. Their battlefield is their family and fighting for the minds of their children. They lead by showing good example, by prayer and Christian behaviour, by reaching to those in need and ministering to those around them, in the circles of relatives and friends. Their world is more private then public-oriented.

The idea that they should abandon their families and go out into the streets and fight is preposterous, unless their husbands are political activists themselves and ask for their assistance. May be, these men who are discontent with the way things are should actually start doing something like organising a protest, for instance, instead of nagging on the interwebz?


  1. I like the term "keyboard warriors." MRAs sure are brave hiding behind a screen with made-up ridiculous names. The only men I've ever known own to act like that in real life are alone and probably not getting laid.

    But seriously it's the Republicans that are the most hostile to tradition. Just like my relatives, except my paternal grandparents -like my grandfather who were stark democrats- they are religious republican types and they are HOSTILE against any form of patriarchy. What's funny is that they might stay home with their kids, yet they think you have a mental disorder if you don't have a career. They will except welfare like WICHITA yet claim they won't vote liberal because liberals are for "handouts."

    It's nuts. I lean more to the left for the most part, only being conservative by believing in things like the death penalty for certain classes of heinous crimes and gender roles. It may be different over there but I'm telling you here in America I've received more hostility from so-called conservatives while for the most part liberals don't even care enough to form an opinion about the way I choose to live my life.

    1. Oh stupid spellchecker! i meant "WIC"

      My mother, for instance, looked at me like there was something wrong with me because i haven't developed a career by now, yet she stays home with her young kids and they are all Republicans. She receives WIC yet votes republican because they aren't for "handouts" like those stupid crazy liberals!

      My maternal grandmother is a huge religious type so much that she has pushed it all on us, which is part of the reason i have no contact wither her anymore. She believes in what the bible says (or supposedly says) about marriage, yet believes the man should follow the woman and make her happy. They pick and choose what they want to believe and change their religious texts to suit their own beliefs and the values of modern society.

  2. I guess it's really an issue of things not always being what they seem in life. It would seem that conservatives should be, well, conservative, but they generally are not. Life is weird like that. People used to come to my site and social media pages years ago and assume i was a republican. But i am not, in fact, a republican.

  3. Hey, Radical, nice to hear from you! "Keyboard warriors" wasn't invented by me:) I think it's a good description of people who refuse to try and change anything in real life, but expect others to do it for them.

    You'll excuse me if I refrain from commenting on American political system, it's a dangerous topic, especially right now:)

    One thing I'll say though: some level of social security (especially health care) would probably enable more (married) women to stay home so I don't see it as a bad idea. However, modern welfare often promotes dysfunction instead of tradition.

    1. Hey. Sorry I've just been real busy as of late, and yes, the American political system, is, well...It is, something! That's about all one can say about it :)

      Yes, i think every society should have SOME type of welfare. It has its benefits for everyone and a lot of people forget that, but it should be implicated in ways that encourage family development and healthy relationships between men and women, doing what is best for families and children.

      There is always a certain level of collective responsibility that a society's citizens have towards one another- always. In tribal societies it could go as far as getting one's eyes gouged out for something another member of the tribe did in the name of "justice." How would the anti-welfare groups like that one? A bit of food stamps doesn't sound so bad compared to that!

  4. It's quite interesting that "social feminists" in the beginning of the 20th century fought for higher wages for married men to enable even working-class families to have a wife and mother at home. Of course, later on it was abolished as being "discrimination."

    Modern society promotes individualism and the destruction of traditional family, so welfare laws reflect it.

  5. Housewife OutdoorsMarch 6, 2017 at 6:12 AM

    Thank you Sanne, this was very good.

    I used to be very political when I was feminist. When I found some concervative/traditionalist bloggers, I almost cried out of relief when I realized that as woman, I do not need to be political. I do not need to convince other people with my razor-sharp logic. I do not need to know every single detail of my country's politics, or foreign politics. Since I am a woman, it is "none of my business".

    Obviously I keep myself "educated" to a certain degree so I can have intelligent conversations with my hubby and my father. But I don't feel that I should be part of that all anymore, if you know what I mean.

  6. Hey Housewife, you are welcome!

    Both my husband and my father are loath to talk politics with me. My husband never listens anyway and hardly even pretends to be doing it ( he has mastered the art of tuning out to a perfection:) and my father, whose political views are diametrically opposed to ours, will just get angry and say that women have no sense:) So we talk about the weather instead!

  7. I am going through your older posts as I am relatively new;)

    This is such a good reminder. I do get caught up at times, in the news.

    One of my sons said," Mom, I believe you get very troubled over the news. You trouble yourself." Oh MY!! Let's just say..he is not yet an adult, either...but he's right!

    I need to be very careful to not overdo politics.



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