Monday, March 20, 2017

The Man Who Killed The Bank

Mr Trump appears to be quite a fan of Andrew Jackson, known among other things, for killing the bank:


  1. We own this video set! Excellent! Excellent! Bankers routinely raid the American governments own money and loot congress and subsequently the American people. Begone with them! I wrote a post about not bailing out the bankers and people wrote to me and said the economy would fail if we didn't bail them out. The economy IS failing because the bankers tske our money and charge us interest to use it! It's the most complicated system, like cheating at cards. Begone with them! If we did that to someone, we would be in jail.

  2. Interesting. I never knew it was brought out on a DVD. The first time I heard about this movie was when I was searching info on Andrew Jackson. It basically says the same the other videos about Jackson say but shorter and better expressed, imo:)