Monday, September 26, 2016

Daycares Don't Care And Other Things

Recently a small private day care started using our playgrounds for their kids. Since they don't have that many they only come a couple of days a week, and they have 2 caregivers for 5 children, a higher ratio than in most daycares. Yet I noticed one thing, they mostly didn't interact with the children the way a mother does. Sure, they cared about them not breaking anything but that was about all. For the rest, they appeared little interested and spent their time talking to each other. Somehow this system is considered to be superior to home care.

That all reminded me of a site called Daycares Don't Care which predictably attacks daycare. Now I won't go so far as to say that there is no situation at all when daycare may be necessary, yet a funny thing happened. While I was searching for this site I came across a blog where angry women triggered by the idea that Mother's love is superior to that of a hired caregiver accused those daring to express it of hatred and sexism, while calling them morons and using a f-word every second time. So much for liberal tolerance, I guess. It's either their way or the highway and anyone who disagrees is a f***ing hater! So there...

P.S. Swearing like a sailor doesn't make one a strong independent whatever. It just sounds trashy and low class.


  1. I tend to believe that no institution can replace the benefit of parental care in the life of any infant, toddler or child in general. Even if parental care exists after mother's working hours are over, the child simply doesn't give a positive feedback on the long term under such artificial conditions. If separated from the natural caregiver which is first of all the mother, any child develops certain behaviour problems. If parental care dissappears at all and is replaced by any other form of social care, the children undergo huge changes in their behaviour in spite of any loving attitude and any further effort seems not efficient enough to reestablish the balance and confidence the child had before losing the natural parental care. Having a mother at home is a rare gift for a child.

  2. Isn't it strange how pointing out the obvious is considered "hatred" nowadays?

  3. Yes, the truth is bothering nowadays more than ever, because partial true things or elegant lies are more pleasant and convenient in an era of consume.

  4. Housewife from FinlandSeptember 28, 2016 at 1:59 AM

    I see private nannies with children quite often when I walk my dog. I have noticed two things: 1. They yell pretty much to the children and do not speak kindly and 2. They gossip a lot with other nannies. Now I understand that mothers gossip when they see other mothers at a playground. But if you are a paid nanny, you are at work there and you should take care of the children. I mean they get paid for that and jet they hardly keep an eye on those kids.

    Here in Finland there is lots of talk about "early childhood education". Parents apparently cannot provide that, it can only be provided in a noisy kindergarten with 20 or more kids in a same room by "professional". Or by bored and uninterested private nannies...

  5. Amazing how mothers for centuries managed to raise their children, without government-subsidized daycare, isn't it? At least, private nannies are paid privately, not by the taxpayer.

  6. Though I was reliably informed that mothers raising children is sexist:)

  7. Here in the states, daycare workers are some of the lowest paid individuals in the labor pool and there is no minimal education or experience requirements for most day cares centers. ( Really...these people are better qualified to care for my kids while I'm off making money with my college degree? That's just lunacy...


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