Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Summer Projects

Mias Landliv is no more, so I had to become my own source of inspiration, and that's what I made out of an old pair of jeans, two tea towels and an apron I didn't care for:

The cat loves this chair so I thought a sturdy cover was a good idea:

And this one:

For the other chair:

My next project will be placemats. I had some fabric over which I had used for the backing (featured above) , the rest of the apron, and two shirts:


It'll probably take me a longer time to finish this one as there are more pieces to put together, but we'll see!


  1. I am really behind. I did not know that Mias Landliv is no longer blogging! Oh I loved seeing her projects and home and garden! I just realized she is no longer on the list of blogs to refer to at Homeliving. I do hope she just decided to stop and is not sick.
    Her jean chair was one of a kind as is yours. Aren't they pretty. You took things you did not like and made them into such pretty special things. Wonderful.
    I have a bright apron. It has a wide pocket on the chest area. A small piece of velcro to help close it somewhat at the pocket top. When I am outside gardening or doing other things I take the home phone out inside this pocket. It fits perfectly and is always handy if it rings. It stays then with me and does not fall out of the pocket. Before I was forever putting the phone down someplace and forgetting where!!! ;-)))) Problem solved. Now if I just remember to Bring the phone out in that pocket when I head outside! lol Sarah

  2. Sarah, yes, she stopped some time ago, she just grew tired of blogging I suppose. I got this recycling idea from her blog really. She always had very beautiful photography. My aprons all have pockets, too, btw!


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